Tangled (Original Single) By Wild Horse

TOP BEST HITS Tangled (Original Single) By Wild Horse

The indie pop trio Wild Horse are rising stars in the UK music scene. Formed in their teens, these locally-grown musicians with a funky guitar-driven sound and exuberant energy have released hit singles that have garnered widespread radio play and acclaim. Their new single "Tangled," an '80s-inspired synth-pop track about the struggles of maintaining a long-distance relationship, continues their winning streak following fantastically reviewed singles "Cougar" and "Angles."

The grand synths, propulsive beats, and celestial vocals on Wild Horse's new single "Tangled" instantly transport the listener to the rich era of '80s pop exuberance and new-wave ingenuity. This synth-wave gem is the ideal fusion of flashy '80s pop excess and state-of-the-art production values.

The song is adorned with opulent walls of sound, airy synth textures, and a mesmerizing chorus. The vocals are playful, with lines sliding sensuously over the melody, like a beautiful and tantalizing embrace. The overall effect of the singing is that of being seduced by a brilliant yet enigmatic artist, caught in a beguiling and mystifying hug. Underneath the shining synths and pulsing electronic beats, a stylish funk guitar line is present manipulating each note with flair and finesse. The layers of sound coalesce into a soundscape of glamour and libertine joy, recreating the thrill of '80s pop at its most lavish and indulgent.

Every element has been finely tailored and intricately crafted, from the synth arpeggios that shimmer like stardust to the hook that latches into the psyche with effortless charm. Creativity and spontaneity reign supreme here, unfettered by constraints or pretense. Only the symphony of skills and voices propels a work of radiant beauty.

Retro-futuristic and vibrantly nostalgic all at once, this masterclass in synth-pop will captivate with its vision of '80s-inspired utopia and modern musical mastery. The dreamily splendid results ensure "Tangled" will satisfy any craving for luxury and envelop the listener in a sumptuous pop reverie.

Stream "Tangled" immediately on Spotify, or any streaming site you prefer, and join Wild Horse on the precipice of dizzying new creative heights and sonic liberation. Stay up to date with Wild Horse on social channels, they're headed for great things, and you surely don't want miss out on all their milestones.

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