Talking Loud (Original Album) by Ajay Mathur

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Ajay Mathur Talking Loud (Original Album) Ajay Mathur
Talking Loud (Original Album)

Ajay Mathur is an acclaimed and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter whose album, "Little Boat," won the German Pop Foundation's award for "English-language Album of the Year 2018. The songs of Ajay are popular, regularly airplayed, and featured on multiple playlists, as well as receiving excellent international reviews and accolades. Releasing his enormous 5th album with fifteen original full-length tracks, one of the tracks called "Anytime After All (Aftermath of Silence) got 1.1 million streams on Spotify, while my favorite one is "Deeper than your skin." The album has a variety of moods and is well recorded/produced with tuneful original melodies. Each track has a different theme with different layers of rich, warm & expressive vocals and feeling, while the best exciting, powerful, and driving instruments fulfill the entire release. It's an honor to feature such a talent, and listing to this album is a must!

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