Taking the Guesswork out of Balanced Mixes: The Features of true:balance

Music Business Taking the Guesswork out of Balanced Mixes: The Features of true:balance

For mixing engineers and producers looking to examine the balance and mono compatibility of their tracks in real-time, Sonible's true:balance plugin provides a comprehensive solution. True:balance gives audio professionals insightful spectral metering and comparison tools to ensure their mixes translate well across playback systems.

As a mixing assistant, true:balance displays critical channel data and visualizations designed to be easy to understand at a glance. Engineers can view the stereo width, correlation, and overall spectral balance of their tracks. Reference targets are included for easy comparison to genre norms and custom reference tracks. This helps mixers identify any weaknesses in low end clarity or imbalance between elements.

True:balance comes equipped with genre-based spectral profiles compiled from extensive audio analysis. Engineers working on specific styles like pop, rock, or EDM have relevant starting points. But the plugin also supports loading up to 8 custom reference tracks for projects that demand consistency.

Two helpful diagnostic functions are provided. The Balance Check analyzes a track and compares it to the selected reference, then offers text suggestions on adjustments. Mono Check pinpoints potential issues that could cause problems in mono playback. For amateur producers, hints guide users towards balancing their mixes to hit reference values.

Compatible with most DAWs on Mac and Windows, true:balance is an accessible yet powerful tool. Audio professionals gain clear and actionable metering to streamline the balancing act - ensuring mixes translate optimally regardless of playback conditions. With true:balance, engineers can mix with confidence their spectral balance is on point.

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