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September 22, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Rising pop star Edie Yvonne has firmly established herself as an artist to watch over the past year. With each new release showcasing her evolution as an artist, Edie continues to capture listeners and critics alike. Her latest single "Queen Bee" is undoubtedly one of her strongest efforts to date, a mesmerizing synth-pop track that highlights Edie’s ability to craft compelling pop confections.

Layered synth pads tease melodic hooks as a skittering beat establishes the pace. The arrangement steadily builds anticipation through innovative mixing and instrumentation. The drums drive an infectious rhythm underneath a shining bassline that pulses with energy. Meanwhile, shimmering pads and bubbling synth lines entice the listener further into the track’s euphoric soundscape.

Of course, no pop song would be complete without a powerhouse vocal performance, and Edie Yvonne delivers in spades on "Queen Bee." She commands attention through precise enunciation and emotional range, acting as the human conduit connecting lyrics and listeners.

It's incredible to think that Edie Yvonne has achieved so much success at such a young age. Still only 14 years old, she has amassed a huge global fanbase through her gifted vocals and knack for crafting addictive pop hits. Edie has taken the industry by storm and gained millions of streams and views online. I’m very excited to see where her limitless potential could take her, as she's already proven herself a formidable force in pop, not even halfway through her high school career.

Edie Yvonne wrote "Queen Bee" to accompany her upcoming short film centering on high school social politics and cliques. The cinematic synth-core feel of the track brings that vision to life triumphantly. Stream "Queen Bee" now to experience Edie’s evolution as a multi-dimensional pop artist firsthand. With cuts like this irresistible, her momentum will only continue to build. Fans anticipate whatever new sonic territory she explores next with bated breath. For now, bow down to the self-assured Queen Bee reigning supreme on the dancefloor. Edie Yvonne proves once again why her star continues to rise rapidly in the pop ranks. Stream the song and enjoy.

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September 22, 2023 by SAIIDZ

When the world grappled with lockdowns and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, bands, and artists turned to live streaming on social media to stay connected with fans and spread the healing power of song. Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel did just that, treating viewers to daily live performances that helped many through the challenges of the global health crisis.

One track that received repeated requests during those online shows was "Soledad y el Mar," a dreamy ballad originally penned and recorded by acclaimed Mexican singer and songwriter Natalia Lafourcade and David Aguilar. Seeing how much the romantic tune resonated with their audience, Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel decided to pay homage to Lafourcade and Aguilar by recording their own version of the song.

The cover of "Soledad y el Mar" takes the listener on a blissful journey. Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel have crafted an angelic production befitting the bittersweet lyrics about longing and solitude. Layered acoustics swell like ocean waves, ebbing and flowing beneath the intertwining melodies of Marisol La Brava and A Flor de Piel's pristine vocals.

At certain moments, the entire instrumental drops away, focusing the ear entirely on the singers' stunning abilities to wrap each note in velvety warmth. Their voices intertwine in perfect harmony yet maintain distinct character, like separate instruments playing in a conversation. It's no surprise that "Soledad y el Mar" resonated so strongly during the band's livestreams - even without visuals, one feels completely transported by these talents.

While faithful to the wistful spirit and emotion at the heart of the original, Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel have imprinted "Soledad y el Mar" with their own surreal sonic signatures, making this cover float among the stars. Shimmering synth pads offer a celestial backdrop to the lilting guitars and voices, cloaking the tune in a veil of soothing reverb.

Fans of reflective, nostalgic pop with spellbinding vocals get ready to float away among the stars with Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel's rendition of "Soledad y el Mar." More than standing proudly alongside the original, it carves out its own hazy niche. In such turbulent times, music that transports the listener to a peaceful inner world is a blessing. That's exactly what this cover achieves so sublimely. If you've been moved by this ethereal cover, you can stream "Soledad y el Mar" by Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel on Spotify now.

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September 22, 2023 by SAIIDZ

The melody drifted ghostly through the speakers, its bass tones resonating deeply in my core. Notes so pure they flowed like liquid, caressing each chamber of my soul. As the song came to its conclusion, I sat in silence - overcome by the profundity of what I had just experienced.

This was "Sedona" - an instrumental composition written by Hari Nandu in memory of his friend’s baby daughter, who passed away after her birth. Though short, Sedona's life touched Hari in ways no one could have imagined. Hari channeled his grief into a song in her honor, crafting a melody as beautiful as the child it commemorated.

The instrument's low frequencies resonated through my body, evoking a visceral awe I had never felt in music before. Each note rang out hauntingly pure, as if Sedona's spirit itself was singing through the strings. Though wordless, the melody conveyed sentiments beyond any lyrics' ability.

As the last resonances faded into silence, I sat stunned, processing all Hari's composition had stirred within me. There was sorrow, of course, but there was lightness too - a sense of Sedona's vibrant spirit living on, spread now through anyone impacted by Hari's playing. Her memory would not fade, so long as this song survived to touch others as it touched me.

Beyond technique, what struck me most about Hari's playing was the palpable love infused into every string. The bass exuded compassion - a carrying of Sedona's spirit till it could touch and comfort others.

In the days since first experiencing Hari's song, I've found myself returning to it often. Not out of sadness for Sedona, but gratitude for the gift of remembrance it provides. Her legacy will echo for years to come, carried on by the strings of that haunting bass. Though her time was brief, Sedona's energy seems destined to lift souls forever.

I highly recommend searching for and streaming "Sedona" by Hari Nandu on Spotify. If you connect with Hari's music and want to support his artistic journey, be sure to follow him on social media of choice to stay up to date on his latest songs and projects.

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September 22, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Whether you prefer dynamic trap beats or progressive hip-hop flow, you can't call yourself a true fan until you've soaked in Proklaim's distinctively creative discography. The elusive solo artist always seems to drop music on his own timeline outside of mainstream trends, staying true to his artistry without compromises.

His latest release "REASON 2 BELIEVE" is yet another proof of why Proklaim has developed such a dedicated fanbase over the years. The two-minute single is a chilled-out and relaxed track, superb for those low-key days when you want to unwind with some heavy-hitting beats. Right from the opening bars, the immaculately layered production immerses you in Proklaim's melodic vision.

While the composition may seem simple at first, repeated listens reveal an impressive attention to detail, with various subtle flourishes added to the mix. It's easy to get lost drifting along to the fluid rhythms, a testament to Proklaim's studio savvy. You'll find yourself replaying the song, craving more of the mesmerizing soundscape he's crafted.

Beyond the beats, it's Proklaim's signature stylistic flow that takes "REASON 2 BELIEVE" to another level. Gliding effortlessly over the instrumental, his refined delivery leaves an impression with each bar. There's a sense of craftsmanship and soul poured into every lyric, a defining quality of all his releases. Fans of his past work will appreciate his continued growth and experimentation with new textures in his art.

New fans, meanwhile, now have the perfect entry point to discover the essence of Proklaim. His music is built to last, resonating far beyond fleeting trends or hype cycles. Through it all, an enduring devotion to hip-hop as an art form bleeds into every note, ageless and enduring. For anyone still unfamiliar with this reclusive rapper's special gift, there may be no better moment than now to pull back the curtain and experience his singular vision firsthand "REASON 2 BELIEVE" highlights Proklaim's exceptional blend of lush instrumentation, technical flow, and passion for storytelling.

Be sure to stay updated by following him on social media too for announcements of new projects. With his commitment to growth and independence, it's clear Proklaim's talents will continue to take rap music to new expressive frontiers for years to come. Additionally, make sure you stream the single on your favorite streaming site.

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September 22, 2023 by SAIIDZ

With the release of his emotionally stirring new single "A Pretty Good Picture," folk musician Jeremy Climer, who performs under the stage name Mountain Climer, pays tribute to his cousin who passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 44. The heartfelt ballad allows Climer to process his grief through his artistry, using melody and lyrics to celebrate the life of his cousin despite the darkness of loss.

At its core, "A Pretty Good Picture" is a tribute to treasured loved ones and the moments shared together. Stripped down with just an acoustic guitar, the production focuses entirely on his touching vocal performance and introspective lyrical musings. The simple but profound song serves as a reminder that even in times of mourning, fond memories can provide solace. Climer’s ethereal singing style and delicate lyrics imbue the track with a pensive, nostalgic essence that pulls listeners in.

The guitar work is the musical heartbeat of the song, laying the foundation for his emotive vocals to soar overhead. Throughout the song, the guitar carries the emotion, ebbing and flowing to mirror the complex feelings one grapples with when mourning a loved one. Its melodic simplicity allows Climer’s vulnerability and earnest lyrics to shine through.

Subtle instrumental touches like gentle string arrangements and harmonica further augment the song’s poignancy. Their inclusion adds texture and depth, intensifying the auditory experience. The string flourishes enhance the atmosphere, drawing listeners deeper into the song’s meditative quality. The organic interplay between Climer’s acoustic instrumental work and these supplementary elements mirrors how varied emotions interact when processing grief and loss.

With "A Pretty Good Picture," Climer honors both his cousin’s life and the unbreakable bonds of family in a beautiful display of musicianship. The single stands as just one example of how Climer uses his skill to explore life’s light and dark moments alike. During times of adversity, his music serves as a comforting embrace, reminding fans of resilience and the power of celebrating loved ones through memory. As Climer continues crafting new material, his poignant folk sound and ability to connect spiritually with audiences through raw expression make him an artist worth following closely. Be sure to follow Mountain Climer’s social media pages and stream "A Pretty Good Picture" and all his upcoming releases.

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September 22, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Music has a magical ability to bring people together, and Ari Joshua’s new rendition of the Grateful Dead classic "Help on the Way" is a testament to that power. Ari was able to conjure up a lineup of remarkably talented musicians for the session that turned into a transcendent new portrayal of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter’s timeless song.

The lyrics for "Help on the Way" touch on deep existential themes of personal growth and finding meaning through challenging oneself. References to "dreams" and receiving "help" from cosmic or mythical entities give the song a mystical, otherworldly quality that feels ever-lasting and open to interpretation.

Drummer John Kimock proved the ideal timekeeper, laying down a floating groove that cradled the song. His touch allowed plenty of spaciousness for the other players to glide in and out of the mix freely, guiding the piece through ebbs and flows. Bassist Andy Hess anchored everything with his vibrant, melodic lines, but also knew when to pull back subtly for maximum atmospheric effect.

As is often the case with the best musicians, unspoken communication seemed to flow with ease between the musicians. The talented artists sculpted a shining musical landscape full of gorgeous imagery. Eden Ladin’s keyboard accents wafted on the sonic winds like ghostly characters in a dream. His fluid touch brought a new dimension to Hunter’s brilliant lyrics.

Between his deft versions of cherished Grateful Dead tunes and a clear dedication to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter’s oeuvre, Ari Joshua continues to secure his place among the hard-working custodians of the psychedelic legacy. With transformative reworkings like this new "Help on the Way," he proves that classic rock standards still have untapped dimensions of beauty to uncover when placed in the right creative orbit.

You can now stream Ari Joshua's majestic new rendition of "Help on the Way" on all major platforms. You can also follow the artist to check out his other creative projects. By supporting artists such as Ari and this amazing lineup of players, we can help keep the psychedelic spirit of the Grateful Dead thriving for new generations to discover.

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September 22, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Family Band Grace & Moji have steadily gained fans over the past few years with their intimate brand of acoustic folk-pop. Breaking through the noisy bustle of Los Angeles life, taking you to simpler places through their vocals. Now, with the release of their gorgeous new single "Tipping Point," the pair is showing a willingness to peer deeper into themselves than ever before.

"Tipping Point" illuminates a critical juncture in any healthy relationship, it’s about when you come to a crossroad where the connection holding you feels precariously poised. In its lyrics, the song lays bare the emotions of wavering between the precipice of loss and the jump into commitment.

The duo crafted an arrangement that allowed the story to unfold with simplicity. The guitar opens with a wandering line as nostalgic as a bygone summer. As the clear vocals enter the air, carried aloft on rhythm, the tone radiates care and affection. In the verses, the guitar lays down a graceful pulse for the bared feelings singing forth.

In the choruses, the sound swells, rising in assurance and fullness. The guitar rings out, layers of resonance lingering like echoes. Their voices join in a surge of shared melody, taking solace in their musical union of heart and soul. It is here the song releases its message of fragile beauty, like a long-held breath finally exhaled.

While Grace & Moji have crafted many beloved songs, some of them celebrating their marriage through intimate folk melodies, "Tipping Point" signifies a new chapter in creative vulnerability for the duo. Always striving to translate raw feelings into art, this track shows not only their growth as musicians but also as individuals committed to supporting one another through both joy and struggle. With its stunning message, "Tipping Point" is sure to resonate with the band’s devoted fans and new listeners alike. Grace and Moji are excited to share this deeply personal work as they continue to cherish music’s power to both document and heal life’s ebbs and flows.

To experience the emotional resonance of "Tipping Point" for yourself, be sure to search for it on your favorite streaming platforms. Follow the duo for updates, photos, and announcements about upcoming drops.

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September 22, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Born in Athens to Lebanese and Canadian parents, Lara Eidi was exposed to various cultures at a young age. This diverse background is reflected in her genre-blending style as both a singer and songwriter. Her work carries listeners across regions with her skillful mix of styles. Her talents were on full display with the recent release of her album "Sun".

The album opens with "Breathe Love" a jazzy number filled with sophisticated melodies and Eidi's breathtaking vocals. Next, "Tide" ebbs and flows with gentle acoustic guitar passages that allow Eidi’s emotionally resonant performance to shine. She switches seamlessly between graceful murmurs and powerful belts. Tracks like "Hello Gravity" further exemplify Lara’s jazz roots, blending intricate rhythms, lush instrumental arrangements, and sweet melodic hooks.

The vibrant energy of "Damien" is highlighted by an infectiously joyful beat perfect for dancing, showcasing Lara’s talent for lifting spirits. Elsewhere, the album’s piano-driven pieces like "Hang On" and the show-stopping "Forgive" put Lara’s delicate touch and profound musicianship on full display. She transports listeners right to the piano bench as her fingers fly across the keys.

The closing number "Maybe Then" leaves a deep impression, with gracefully layered piano, strings, and Eidi’s ethereal vocals echoing in the mind long after the final notes fade. It’s an ingeniously crafted album that is so grandiose, a true artistic achievement from a radically talented artist. Lara Eidi possesses a voice that can only be described as a gift from the heavens above. Her tone is rich, nuanced, and filled with emotionally vibrant power. From breathy lullabies to rousing anthemic choruses, Eidi's voice enraptures and envelops you in her airy beauty. It is truly unparalleled - the type of voice that artists only dream of cultivating.

To experience Eidi’s interpretation of sunlight through sound, listen to her new album "Sun" available on all major streaming platforms. Check out her on social media for updates on upcoming performances and lessons. Her talent and message of unity through artistic excellence make Lara Eidi an artist well worth your time and support. Her music is sure to leave hearers smiling and uplifted, as she transforms each listener into a citizen of her beautifully blended musical world.

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September 21, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Nestled within the scenic hills of Huntington Beach lies the musical mind of Brian Kassan, better known for his progressive project Bloomfield Machine. For years, Brian has carved out his own distinctive sound through Bloomfield Machine that both pushes edges and invites fans on mesmerizing ventures of discovery. His latest album "Left to our own devices" marks another step forward, truly showcasing Brian's talents for crafting surreal landscapes.

"Left to our own devices" consists of 16 songs that act as portals into Brian's rich imagination. The album opens with "Impression Management," easing you in with magical synth washes that swell and recede like waves. Next, "Soul Crusher" transports you with complex, drum-driven textures under gorgeous melodies. The album delves further into experimental territories on songs like "When Is It Done Really" Warbling tones weave in and out of phaser-affected melodies over ambient breakbeat percussion, exploring new textures as synth lines spiral upwards. Tender moments provide contrast, like the calming ambient meditation of "No explanation." Warm pads envelop as lenient piano figures drift by, letting the mind wander freely.

The album flits between more abstract soundscapes that immerse the senses. On "Inventing Hope," enveloping pads and shimmering arpeggios create a feeling of bliss. Mysterious pads, keys, and harmonies envelop the listener in "Ghost Passenger." "Looking for leverage" has a quirky style, while "The Imperative" takes on a dramatic, cinematic feel. Sparkling melodies lift the soul on "Reality Collapse" as colorfully painted sounds wash over the landscape. Jazzy and trancey melodies propel the classic-styled "Inner Beauty Pageant." The experimental "Level of Infinity" features abstract swirls that challenge normal perception. "Zep Tepi" conjures liminal states through disembodied tones and textures. "Supernormal" gets your feet tapping with its fast keys, percussion, and beats. Meanwhile, "Greeble" shines with a lush, luminous atmosphere below a dark undertone. "Minister of Loneliness" immerses you in cinematic movie quality, leading to the album's finale "Illuminaughty."

Whether actively listened to or serving as an ambient background, the album proves a magnetizing listen that reveals new details with each playthrough. Through Bloomfield Machine, Brian Kassan has cemented himself as a truly unique entity crafting portraits of superior beauty within the realms of contemporary progressive music. His album "Left to our own devices" stands as a shining example of pushing extents through technical skill and emotional resonance. Give "Left to our own devices" a listen on Spotify and then check him out on social media to continue your venture through Brian's rich musical imagination.


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September 21, 2023 by SAIIDZ

House music lovers are in for a real treat as French/English producer Nicky Roland and Guyanese-American vocalist Royden Vigilance prepare to release their collaborative track "I Can Do That." This collab single promises to perfectly blend elements of Chicago house, deep house, and soulful house into a cohesive yet feel-good composition destined to get bodies moving across dance floors worldwide.

Nicky Roland brings his unique fusion of French and English influences to the table. Originating from the culturally rich city of London, his musical journey began at a young age through collaborations with legends Pinky and Longsy D.

Born in Guyana, Royden Vigilance migrated to the United States as a teenager and drew inspiration from the rhythmic folk traditions of his homeland. Over time, he left an indelible mark on the deep house, pop, and UK soul realms with his emotive vocals and lyrical storytelling. Now joining forces with Roland, Vigilance aims to transcend limits with their harmonious convergence of house subgenres, seasoned by his soulful R&B style.

This symbiotic union shines on full display in "I Can Do That." A relentless bassline intertwines with classic percussion in a rhythm meant to get bodies swaying. Layered atop are bright, dancing melodies offering vibrant contrast alongside lush strings emitting timeless sophistication. Stirring guitars carry the emotional arc even higher. Most notably, Royden's soothing pipes glide simply, suspending hearers in blissful headspace. At just four minutes, the track blends the drive of Chicago with the warmth of deep house and the sophistication of soul. It's the kind of musical magic that demands movement—as those mesmeric emotions kick in, staying still becomes impossible. Whether cutting shapes in the club or cruising adventurously with friends, the rich palette translates perfectly into any setting.

On "I Can Do That," Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance prove their innate synergy and a balanced fuse of influences from London to Chicago to Georgetown. Their harmonic convergence is sure to enthrall dancefloors worldwide. To live the full symphonic journey of "I Can Do That," be sure to stream it on your favorite sites. And don't forget to show Nicky Roland and Royden Vigilance some love by connecting with them on social media.

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