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July 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Namibian rapper Proklaim demonstrates masterful talents that promise to make his mark on the industry. Proklaim was born with this gift: a taste for evocative flow and composition—to which he has added the ingredients of devoted practice that have transformed this gift into art.

He pulls through legends spanning genres, working his influences in a seamless segue into his imaginative vision of an original style. The soulful delivery of Bob Marley was studied, while hip-hop icons like Tupac and Biggie shaped his groundbreaking flow. Seeking to excel, Proklaim has been an accomplished, qualified rapper with versatility attained through meticulous effort.

Proklaim brings innate flair with an artistic bent to what he does and a commitment to high ethical professionalism. He never tires of pushing those boundaries with fresh experiments, yet always somehow manages to grasp profound quality. Proklaim has been building his art for years, and his style—jumping across genres—seems so fluid that it sounds easy to do. 

Proklaim is back with different energy in the affirmative single "LIFE." The style is diverse and goes beyond his preceding drops. "LIFE" immediately bounces out at you with hip-hop rhythms and electronic funk influences. Under Proklaim's confident delivery, smooth rhythms give support and drive his message forward in a very captivating manner—it's the kind of song that's going to lift your mood from the very first listen. The bedrock instrumentation is funky and psychedelic, drawing in directions from the absorbing sounds of the 1970s. Warped synths, vibrant guitar licks, and limber rhythms powered by crisp drums and insistent bass bounce along. Otherworldly keyboard notes flutter around like celestial bodies, while subtle textures like swirling pads and tones fill the space. It coalesces into a joyous montage of funk flavors.

I've been a fan of Proklaim's artistry for a while now, ever since I became aware of his gifts for lyrical flow and rhythmic prowess. Being an enormous appreciator of talented hip-hop artists, Proklaim certainly stands apart from his peers as a genuinely gifted wordsmith. This natural style and polished composition just continue to surprise and delight me with each new release. With each new listen to "LIFE", I discover new musical layers that Proklaim has so obviously cared for, been passionate about, and has professionally curated. For me, this song is replayable, mastering fluid melodies and pumping beats. Proklaim has quickly become one of my favorite new artists, and I am readily awaiting the chance to experience the full range of his undeniable dexterity in future releases.

 For a lifelong fan and lover of innovative hip-hop, Proklaim doesn't let anything slide beneath my highest expectations. With fine work ahead, this rising star takes notice of his multifaceted ability and continuum mastery of sound. Stream the single today on Spotify.

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July 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

I am proud to introduce Wilza, an extraordinary artist from East London with a mixed St. Lucian and English heritage. Wilza demonstrated an absolute natural propensity toward music very early on. He is a classically trained professional pianist and has been a professional DJ for many seasoned years.

Wilza is well-versed in ingeniously mixing different genres, from House to Afrobeats, with an easy, veteran flair. His brilliant journey was bred in the ethnic melting pot he was raised in. Inherent influences from Jungle, Dancehall, Reggae, and more have shaped Wilza into the well-oiled machine of an artist he is today.

With his keen and meticulous ear, coupled with an original style, Wilza has carved a niche as one of London's most qualified DJ talents. Being able to hold down an imaginative position for such a long period testifies to his proficient talent. Now it's time for Wilza to share these artistic gifts on a worldwide platform with a polished production.

His original roots come across in the masterful energetic tech house track "What You See." In the energy of Samuelle's classic "So You Like What You See," Wilza has infused that modern magic of House, making it a fresh, ideal song for those grooving to yesterday and today. With his Jack House project, Wilza looks to bring back that classic New Jack Swing genre from way back in the late 80s/early 90s. This record sets things in motion for Wilza's potential as he embarks on this new musical journey.

Wilza's remix is an ultra-talented rework of this classic by Samuelle. It's quite an exciting fusion of sounds. It's glided along by smooth basslines, crisp percussion, and funky synths. This remix is designed with dynamic chords, synths, and vocal layers all working together in a highly infectious manner. The rework captures the heart and soul of the original but with a modern and contemporary twist. From the very start, Wilza has shown some deft musicality with space for diverse synth grooves that give the song this rich fluidity. Further into this remix, the classic rolling house textures of bassline patterns and reverberating pads suddenly feel very much at the forefront. Wilza merges these with the original New Jack swing flavor, creating something not only cohesive but on-point.

For someone who grew up soaking in the music of the dance floor, I hold a special regard for artists who can take today's listeners back to the genre-shaped sounds of yesterday. I'll be keeping an ear out for where Wilza goes next. He's most definitely a name to watch in the world of music.

If Wilza's debut is making you as excited for what's next as it has me, be sure to stream the single 'What You See' online now and get your very first taste of what this emerging talent has in store.

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July 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Red Mercury, a duo based in London, creates electronic music that challenges typical genre boundaries through their extraordinary musical skills. The two members are highly creative and skilled, with a deep passion for the genre. They blend both vintage and state-of-the-art equipment in their West London studio. Through extensive experimentation and innate musicality, Red Mercury fuses Progressive House, Trance, Breakbeat, and Drum and Bass in unconventional and imaginative ways.

Their sound is truly one-of-a-kind. As experienced producers with excellent technical abilities, they present ingenious journeys for listeners, skillfully combining pounding basslines with polished, meticulous production marked by attentive handling of both analog and digital instruments.

Red Mercury's recent hit, "Firefly", resulted in the innovative tandem "Romeo Echo Delta" now expanding its presence into new genres. While percussion parts fill up the sound stage, synth voices join, shimmering through rhythmical shears. Here the rhythm is also held constant by glitchy clicks that interpolate tension and by drums that re-enter for a build. The tension is built as echoed distorted beats delicately adorn the mix and then merge with the climax. This track experiences the ride through the modulation of the sound type, rhythm, and stereo imaging through different builds and drops.

Red Mercury wows its audience with material that makes you want to visit the world of dreams, using high-frequency samples and positive filtering that goes from one bass to another. Other sounds, which are also in the mix, are repeated back and forth, using a very exhilarating type of reverb. The digital signal with the forecast of melodic patterns gambols over the space.

Audio/video producer Steve Gregory states, "virtual production is now accessible to the average person. We harnessed the power of Unreal Engine 5 and employed motion tracking via a Lidar scanner to create virtual sets that move with our physical camera." What makes them one with the viewer is the fact that their music is accompanied by very good graphics, sounds, and mostly utilitarian tools like Midjourney and Runway.

The collective approach implements the senses to discover Red Mercury's creative capabilities. "Romeo Echo Delta" would be the video that appeals to listeners and viewers. I have faith that this band will continue to break musical boundaries. They have been doing a great job so far but still, each new song surprises me more.

Supporters can be hopeful for Red Mercury's arrival of "Romeo Echo Delta" and witness their outstanding fusion of different genres that continues to improve the band. With production at the highest level of expertise, "Romeo Echo Delta" embodies the same emotions they are famous for, only this time the approach is more modern and more likely to attract a new listener.

Make sure to watch the "Romeo Echo Delta" video and follow the band on social media if you want to experience the band firsthand.

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July 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Blue Coffee is a band that since 2019 has built a large following thanks to their highly original indie, rock, and pop styles. With Gautier Rodriguez, Nico de Bank, Francois Debiol, and Sebastian Tourel at its heart—seasoned musicians synchronically arranged—the quartet is characterized by dexterous and artistic songwriting.

Blue Coffee's 2024 single "Birth" shows further evolution by this group of experienced, veteran songwriters. Retaining traces of their indie rock and innate melodic touch, "Birth" delves deeper into pop-rock textures, with expanded use of distorted guitars and energizing drumming.

The track is introduced by a sparse guitar figure accompanied by very intimate vocals by the singer. The guitarist adopts arpeggiated playing to give the introduction an airy and open feel. This subsequently gives way at 0:23 to a fuller arrangement when the drummer, Nico de Bank, enters with a driving backbeat anchored down by Sebastian Tourel's resonant bass playing.

The drumming, however, is especially remarkable, using the kit with syncopated tom fills that make the song move. His energetic playing takes the listener back to iconic '90s alt-rock/pop-punk drummers. Meanwhile, Tourel locks in solidly with the drums, mostly bouncing between the root notes and walking basslines. This rhythmic interplay between drums and bass lays the foundation for why this song rocks harder than anything in Blue Coffee's previous work.

This is where the emotional surge happens, at 1:30, as additional distortion comes in on the guitars and rhythm section. Rodriguez belts his holding pattern melody of the chorus over top of the power chords; his vocal delivery, strained, is fitted to the music's increased volatility. Here, Debiol cuts loose with some hypnotic runs and bent-note embellishments for textural color in this thickened arrangement.

At 2 minutes, a compelling solo with pounding drums makes you want to rock out. Then the solo just rings out for a whole minute, strongly rocking. The fluid phrasing dramatically builds up and then resolves back into the final chorus at 3 minutes, where the band melodramatically coalesces all their dynamic elements into an emotional, closing ending.

I love discovering new bands, so I was very excited and happy to check out Blue Coffee. I love their evident ease with the styles of classic rock. They don't just stroll down memory lane, Blue Coffee plugs into that old-school vibe with their wit. I'm ready to get deeper into Blue Coffee's discography and witness further ascension. They are gifted musicians, who know what it takes to bring back the spirit of vintage rock into the present.

It's through such fastidious care for harmonic progressions, melodic motifs, and textural detail that Blue Coffee reveals in "Birth" one of the most artistic pop-rock singles of 2024. Both musically and thematically, the song captures the metamorphosis of rebirth in a strong, yet poetical, musical statement. It will be good to see where further evolution takes Blue Coffee. Stream the track now on any of your favorite streaming sites.

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July 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

How fortunate am I to be able to share with you the latest in David Arkenstone album releases? David Arkenstone has undeniably been one of the finest instrumental composers ever. The renowned musician has proved his mastery as a class musician in different genres like New Age, Celtic, and cinematic music.

This enormously talented and prolific artist has released over 30 purely instrumental albums that easily set his imaginative and innovative compositions. He has achieved the distinguished honor of 5 Grammy nominations and contributed his musical talents to film television, and gaming projects. He composed the original score for the hugely popular online game World of Warcraft. His sound and talented instrumentation have enhanced productions for NBC Sports and independent films. With nearly 300k monthly listeners and more than 9,500 followers on Instagram, he has certainly created a niche for himself in the new age as one of its most gifted, talented musical pioneers ever.

His most ambitious work to date may well be the completion of his latest epic musical saga, "Quest for the Runestone." Thirteen complex compositions find Arkenstone fashioning a dense collection of sound experiences that immerse listeners in a supernatural journey. The concept album, inspired by Celtic and Viking folklore, revolves around a story his son, Dashiell, wrote. Throughout there are musical motifs that depend on themes of prophecy, magic, discovery, and redemption.

The instrumentation of Arkenstone is at full tilt: guitar, cittern, saxophone, flute, whistle, melodica, drums, bass, handpan, vocals, and keyboards. The opener "Prophecy" lays down the narrative through energizing arpeggiated phrases and a climactic choral build. The layered introduction unfurls, much like mist clearing, and readies listeners for an adventure. "The Soothsayer Speaks" shifts to a sentimental, but still engaging meter; Arkenstone adeptly varies the timbre, switching between vibrating strings and stimulating woodwinds.

It's on "Ancient Magic Awakens" that the magical undertones start to bleed through. The listener is surrounded by druidic drones and spiritual chants, while beautiful Uilleann pipes lines summon invisible mystical forces. Textures thicken, and the spell takes hold on the 4th track, where the woodwind instrument introduces the sublime track "Réann," its elegiac phrases giving way to a sense of sublime otherworldliness.

The swirling atmospherics of "Eyes of Skata" persist, with transcendental keys, strings, and fluttering flutes that sweep listeners over mythic vistas. "Oceans Of Ice" has a growing string ostinato to build suspense. It's an icy landscape, evoked by arctic textures: glockenspiel, celeste, and wind chimes evoke glacial winds as bowed strings lean into towering formations in the light of the night sky, glowing.

"Path of the Mountain's Bones" is a frivolous romp across rugged landscapes and forgotten ruins; it embodies sonically the pure energy of nature. Passionate and evocative, the music draws one right into the heart of adventure. "Stars Without Light" is a heavenly meditation. You feel the gates of heaven open alongside the vocalized intro. The music is ethereal, and evocative, and sets the listener to ponder mysteries such as the cosmos. "The Arbos Stirs" pulses with the awakened energy of ancient spirits and powers forgotten, dropping you breathless in awe. "Inscriptions" is a journey mystical, a sonic exploration into the secrets of the past. The music is haunting and evocative, hauling one right into the midst of mystery dramatized. But the poetic use of flute and violin in "The Keeper Of The Flame" leaves one inspired and uplifted. Touches of magic and wonder explode throughout this haunting track, with the Uilleann pipes. The album concludes with "Réann Reawakened", a poignant and delightful piece, with strings both delicate and powerful bringing the album to a satisfying and emotionally resonant conclusion.

Having been such a huge fan of David's music over the past several years, to be given the chance to experience some new music from an artist whom I not only admire but also hold in extremely high regard is special. David is a modern New Age music master, this time outdoing himself in weaving together an album people will return to for its depths of mystique and adventure. You can check out the album today on Spotify, or any major streaming site of your choice.

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July 12, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Zach Bilcsik is a resourceful, talented musician who creates his music in the comfort of his bedroom. He is an excellent composer who mixes retro inspirations with modern production techniques. His innate sense of mixing styles in ways that have never been heard before is characteristic of his raw talent.

The latest mini-album from Zach Bilcsik, "Videogame!", is the musical love letter done right to the sonic splendor of our digital playgrounds. This is a rather six-track odyssey across the aural tapestries of gaming.

From the very first track, "Videogame!" proudly announces itself as a sonic exploration into the real-but-fantastical land of video games. The opening track, "The Grind," is a case study in tension and release. The pulsing rhythm keeps pushing steadily, like leveling up, with sharp percussive accents for attacks that hit their marks.

"Shop" starts differently with a dramatic and somewhat dreamy soundscape. The introduction of lush, string-like keys and echoing beats brings subtle changes to the mood and sets a sense of intrigue and anticipation. The track shows a firm grasp on pop tastes and suggests a desire to include them in his varied genres.

"Character Creation" is a quite frolicsome, playful take on sonic textures. Sweet, melodious beats bring to mind the elation at the discovery of exactly what a new character can do. The slow tempo and subtle dramatic flourishes are evocative of feelings of wonder and anticipation, matching the excitement of customizing a new avatar.

"Energy Reserves" is almost a sonic kaleidoscope in which one gets to see Bilcsik's mastery of layering and arrangement. Colorful keys dance over a wet bed of bass and echoing synths that display all the moves and create a dynamic, engaging soundscape, emphasizing the versatility of this track. It flows seamlessly between instances of introspective calm and energetic bursts of activity, much like gameplay.

"Title Screen" is the final track on this album; it closes with flair. Alien spaceship sounds, floating synths—the music's awe and wonder are overwhelming, as one becomes enveloped by the music into a galaxy of endless possibilities. He has carefully done spatialization with the sound design to gain an immersive experience where the music flows left and right in your ears.

The production quality throughout "Videogame!" is faultless— showing that Bilcsik paid close attention to detail. Tracks are made intricately with lots of very subtle sonic niceties rewarded by repeated listens. In terms of both rich textures and complex arrangements, the album reflects Bilcsik's enviable skills as a producer and sound designer.

"Videogame!" feels less like a collection of tracks and more like a recording that slightly goes beyond genre. Be it seasoned gamers or casual listeners, "Videogame!" is going to submarine-dive you through pixelated wonder and sonic delight, so hop onto Spotify tonight and give it a big listen.

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July 9, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Roman Angelos is the musical project of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and founder Rich Bennett, an inventive creator who has developed an innovative vehicle to explore his original obsessions with atmospheric library recordings. Rich Bennett, along with a group of talented and qualified musicians, have successfully achieved distinction in their invention of their instrument, and they have reached over 5,9k monthly streams on Spotify.

The adept and proficient group is made up of Bennett who plays guitar in addition to other knowledgeable members such as Brittany Anjou on vibraphone, Diedre Rodman-Struck on piano, Ben Zwerin on bass, Spencer Cohen on drums, Dennis Boolyoins on percussion, Rose Rutledge on flute, Kai Sandoval on trumpet, and Nadav Nirenberg on trombone. This project claims the seat of its throne and boasts an album that’s not only a magnum opus but also is titled "Tropical Nites."

Now, the leading single "Motorbike Journey" starts by gently taking the listener on a tour with a rhythmic vibraphone line from Brittany Anjou inviting the trombone to enter, which then fills the space with its winding loops of sound. The track erupts with moments of glancing making it quite intriguing. The next tracks continue with this combination of full instrumentation and transitions.

"Regretful Echoes" is a kaleidoscope of the world of music with its exotic flute elements, keys, and lead guitar. Drums and percussion fire up an imposing dystopian scene in "Secret Officers Meeting" while windowed brass and wind create a mysterious effect.

On the title track "Tropical Nites" the flute glimmers over the percussive canvas. The acoustic art of "Bella in Nighttown" comes to the surface among a multitude of original instrumental phrasings, among which there is one that resembles a traditional tabla the most. "Breezeway" shows how complex the layering and the interaction of instruments are with the guitar and flute almost in the background of soft drums. "Lady Of Singapore" is a very smooth track that uses many subtleties such as vibraphone and beautiful textures that lead to its ethereal mood.

The album ends with "Unwritten Letters", and it is the softest note at the end. The sound of the flute flies to the listener and from it brings feelings of farewell. The melodies go over the top of the trombone while the strings’ whispers are so gentle. The blend, which is a result of perfect mixing and mastering, is fantastic on "Tropical Nites" and one should have a lot of fun exploring the music.

Fine adjustments in syncopation and chord progressions help carry on the ten tracks' entertainment. Vibrant brass sections, inflections on the vibraphone, and intricate guitar passages are the cornerstones of Roman Angelos’ dexterity on the instruments. From a listener's standpoint, I was fascinated by the elaborate nature of the production. Synths are cleverly employed to move across them, vibrato is heard in both channels, while the alto flute dives into the other side. Every component is crystal-clear and precisely balanced. The mix has a sonorous and natural quality.

The album never gets you bored, and it goes on so smoothly. Roman Angelos have done an amazing musical project. "Tropical Nites" is already one of my most enjoyed albums after listening to it just yesterday. "Tropical Nites" is also a mark of their further advancement in the band’s creative realm. This is thus far one of the best albums of 2024. Visit Spotify & start with "Tropical Nites" for a sublime musical trip on your own.

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July 9, 2024 by SAIIDZ

A great career has spanned over the years for Dutch musician Harry Kappen, who is engaged as a performer, producer, and songwriter. Born in the Netherlands, Kappen found himself starting to play musical instruments and write songs at an early age. Subsequently, he would go on to credit his artistic inspirations to a variety of artists, among them David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Prince, and Radiohead.

Kappen is armed with multi-instrumental talents, having initially started out playing in numerous bands. Aside from the performances, Kappen also built up quite a name as a successful producer, a studio working relationship with many Dutch pop artists that spanned years.

These experiences hammered out Kappen’s competent skills in musicianship, arrangement, recording, and production. He’s back, and this time it’s with his new rock ballad single, “Cool Down,” featuring a haze of fuzzy guitars to set a tonally engaging backdrop. The guitars are dressed in grit, texturing, and weighting the overall instrumental mix. It’s an atmospheric start for the audience.

Huge guitars drive the whole rhythm with endless energy and momentum, with a full and powerful vibrancy. Cymbal crashes subtly add extra dynamics and movement to each measure. Together, the guitars and drums lock in a synergistic rhythmic partnership that fuels the direction of the song.

The exposed, naked sentiment behind Harry Kappen’s vocals is a good match for the instrumentation, every note sings straight out as he carries the message in the song. There is something open and vulnerable about the vocals, while he keeps control at every point of his range. The production does much to accentuate natural tone and airiness in the upper registers while allowing lower tones to fully bloom.

Leading these elements is the talented instrumentation that flesh out the soundscape within an acoustic and electric guitar, each answering the other with melodic conversation, while the versatile keyboard parts turn up and the harmony elsewhere is subtly colored. Other places find the bass lines locking in tight with the drums to round out the full-bodied low-end. These less prominent layers add energy, texture, and surprise rather than taking over the focus.

The song caught my interest, from the first few strokes of Harry Kappen’s single “Cool Down,” through its striking textures of ringing guitars. I found myself humming and nodding along, enthralled by the rhythmic energy.

Harry Kappen’s single “Cool Down” easily judges the Dutch musician as a masterful creator of emotionally impactful rock songs. You can stream the single online today on all major platforms.

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July 8, 2024 by SAIIDZ

AMARU is an internationally acclaimed, innately gifted recording artist, performer, and content creator with a massively growing global fanbase. In addition to his nearly 16k monthly listeners on Spotify and over 13k engaged followers on Instagram, AMARU is a member in good standing of both the Grammy and Latin Grammy voting bodies - a testament to his masterful musicianship and distinguished career. Further honors for his innovative and artistic work include five awards from the GMA, two wins from the GCMA, and one The Taste Awards.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 11: Amaru attends the 15th Annual Taste Awards at Writers Guild Theater on March 11, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Victoria Sirakova/Getty Images)

June 19th, 2024 marks not only an important day in celebrating Black history and culture but also sees the release of internationally acclaimed artist AMARU's highly anticipated new album project, "The Crime of Silence." "The Crime of Silence" comprises 16 new tracks that AMARU wrote, arranged, and performed himself, with production handled by his longtime collaborator Marcel van Ling. The album transports listeners effortlessly between dance floors, beaches, and introspective moments in life.

The first single "Help a Brotha Out" pulls you in with AMARU's passionate vocals laid over vibrant beats that are impossible not to dance to. "Este Hombre (El Tesoro)" takes the party energy up a notch with its bubbly rhythms. AMARU's brilliant Spanish delivery is a highlight. "Champagne Attitude (Ragga mix)" takes you to an endless beach bash.

Standouts like "Never (The Melanin Mix)" blend old-school hip-hop and rock influences into a memorable club track. AMARU's sultry vocals on "Traces of My Melanin" command you to sing along to the catchy chorus. Summer-evoking synths and feel-good delivery make "Frame" a sunny listen. "Just Let Them Eat Cake" incorporates playful accordion elements in tribute to its namesake French phrase.

More dancefloor-ready moments appear on tropical-tinged tracks like "Shake (Sterve It Up)." The album's most introspective moment arrives at the acoustic guitar-driven "The Crime Of Silence (acoustic Mix)," allowing AMARU's sharp vocals to shine. The album ends on a brilliant high note with the spirited "Dejanos Bailar (Muevete)," keeping the party going until the very end with its contagious Latin-infused pop smash.

AMARU who is using his creativity to promote and make a stronger society deserves my great respect. Being a good professional, he is not only entertaining the public but also spreading essential themes of diversity, equality, and cultural identity. I admire the way AMARU holds onto his heritage while pushing his music to a worldwide audience. Although the majority of the songs could be considered "party music" the fact that they all stand on their grounds makes them none the same.

Each composition has a touch of love and gives the audience the chance to cherish every moment by having the time to think about their lives, the world, and where we are heading. Some songs are made for the party scene, but AMARU's craftsmanship makes sure that "The Crime of Silence" will remain in people's hearts more than just another popular track.

AMARU, apart from the album, has taken another move by shooting a "behind-the-scenes" documentary which serves as an insight into the making of the album called "AMARU - The Crime Of Silence (A Musical Narrative)." Calling back to the significance of the day and appreciating it with the unique expression of the music, "Juneteenth" released on this day stands as an applaudable deed that is set to become a point in history. "The Crime of Silence" asks its listeners to get both engaged and thoughtful, just as AMARU challenges borders with his career that has no clear boundaries. Watch the documentary online, the album can also be streamed on Spotify.

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July 5, 2024 by SAIIDZ

Carson Ferris is an innately gifted pop artist and songwriter from Provo, Utah. With his polished and original musical style, which can be described as a cross between a young Michael Jackson and OneRepublic, Ferris has found great success in his thriving career, having over 6,9k monthly listeners on Spotify.

An attentive and veteran musician, Ferris released his first collaboration, the 2021 hit "Can't Be Without You" performed with Trinidad Cardona. Added to his accomplishments, the artistic and seasoned singer won a social media contest that same year to be featured in Donny Osmond's Las Vegas show at Harrah’s performing the song "One Bad Apple."

In 2022, the inventive Ferris kept on engaging in such activities as taking part in concerts that promote his music as well as the development of new, advanced recordings. The well-trained, talented man has given a successful show at Fork Fest and Buzzards and Bees.

Carson Ferris is back with a new pop anthem, "Ghosts," and it's pure sonic gold. The tune, a blend of tunefulness and thoughtfulness that Carson Ferris is famous for telling through his words, is carried affectingly across the vibrant synth-beat landscape co-created by Matthew Parker. The end product is a four-minute masterpiece that will be present in your memory bank like you listened to it instantly.

"Ghosts" delves into the universal struggle of shedding toxic relationships and situations that block our path to inner peace. It's a relatable theme woven through Carson Ferris' catalog, and this time, it's set against a backdrop of pulsating beats and lush pop melodies. The production is the supreme directing strength. "Ghosts" marks a departure for Carson Ferris, embracing electronic elements more than ever before. Even though the tech pop tune is very much present in the song, so are Ferris' stunningly beautiful and charismatic singing skills. Parker propels the song, his beats' driving force being unquestionable throughout, while the tension of the lyrics persists, ensuring the bass is the only one that pulses. The song's ambiance gets more nuanced by subtle melody motions and airy techno. A dense bridge characterized by a multitude of reverbs backs the notion of forgiveness. The entire track carries the listener through the same mood while playing with textures that make it a new experience.

It's noteworthy that the success of "Ghosts" also represents the alliance of Ferris and producer Parker who worked together to mesmerize the audience. They joined hands and created a track that had an appropriate mix of pop and electronic music and a clear sense of purpose.

I had been waiting eagerly for the announcement of a new sound direction from Carson for a long time. It became clear from my first hearing of "Ghosts" that Carson was evolving and stepping up from his previous sound. This single is proof that the singer-songwriter has chosen a new sound and style for him, which I love as an old fan. With his magnetic presence and impressive vocals, he can easily be likened to young Justin Bieber, who was adored by all. With a new song called "Ghosts", Carson is certainly on the right road to mainstream recognition.

"Ghosts" is worth giving a chance, so if you want to move towards the evolution of Carson Ferris, then just stream "Ghosts" online now.

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