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September 29, 2023 by SAIIDZ

The music industry has undergone massive changes in the digital age. Borders that once seemed impenetrable have dissolved, allowing artists from all corners of the world to connect in new ways. For European indie band Macanto and American singer-songwriter Stephanie Heitz, social media provided the avenue for a hugely successful international collaboration.

Macanto comprises Alex on keys, Tom on bass, and Georgi on guitar. They have established themselves as a premier force on the European indie circuit with their funk-infused sound. Meanwhile, Stephanie Heitz was carving out her own career in the United States with an impressive catalog of originals and intimate performances.

In August 2023, the result of their social media connection was released - the single "Do You Dare?" With its jazzy, uptempo groove and Stephanie’s enticing vocals, the song was an instant hit. Fans on both sides of the Atlantic were enthralled by the fresh sound of the international collaboration. Where many international partnerships lose momentum due to logistical hurdles, Macanto and Stephanie Heitz found creative ways to further develop their partnership despite distance. They began regularly drawing new fans with each new drop.

"'Do You Dare?' has an infectious rhythm and playful instrumentation. Tapping jazz-funk grooves provided the perfect canvas for Stephanie's vocals. Her tone is inviting yet confident, imbuing the lyrics with flirtatious charm. The effortless control allows her to paint each word with colorful expressions. Together, Macanto and Stephanie have crafted three minutes of sheer euphoria. The song sweeps you up in its joyful spirit from the very first listen. Even after repeated plays, 'Do You Dare?' Retains an intoxicating freshness that refuses to wear off. No matter the mood, its ability to immediately lighten any load makes it the ideal pick-me-up.

Through openness, creativity, and a positive mindset on social media, Macanto and Stephanie Heitz have proven the power of international collaboration. Their relationship builds hope that borders mean little when great talent discovers one another. By believing in their musical vision and consistent hard work, they’ve acquired a devoted global fanbase - a dream that once seemed impossible is now fully realized.

To experience the full euphoric effect of "Do You Dare?" be sure to search for it on all major streaming platforms. The track is a must-add to any party soundtrack or personal collection seeking a feel-good hit. I also highly recommend following both Macanto and Stephanie Heitz on social media to stay up to date with their upcoming projects.

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September 29, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Mira Sthira is back with a new release - a brief but impactful EP titled "A Fix." The 2-track project, out now digitally, sees Sthira tackling the complex topic of addiction through dancing beats and emotionally stirring vocals.

The title track, simply called "A Fix," sets the tone for the EP. Sthira describes the song as being "about the experience of battling addiction in whatever way shape or form it shows up for you." With super powerful yet very sweet, vulnerable vocals on full display, Sthira paints an intimate portrait of addiction that is delivered with strong passion. "It could be an addiction to a substance, a person, a behavior, or dysfunctional ways of relating to others," she explained.

"A Fix" rides a hypnotic groove, courtesy of steady percussive beats and a pulsating bassline. However, it avoids being a purely upbeat or dancefloor-focused track. The production allows for room to breathe amidst the rhythmic undertone, making space for Sthira's emotional delivery. The beats are not too loud, but not too gentle - they compel motion yet also promote introspection. This duality mirrors how addiction can be both all-consuming and leave inner conflicts in its wake.

The EP's second inclusion, titled "'A Fix' (Violet's Mix)," takes things in an even more dynamic direction. This remix version is incredibly different from the original. Produced by electronic artist Violet, this take on "A Fix" leans deeper into pulsing electronic elements. Bold beats, futuristic synths, and effect-laden vocals transport the soundworld into club-ready territory.

The elements collide in a dizzying sound clash that demands physical movement. Yet even amidst the dancefloor-oriented energy, Sthira's emotional core still shines through with the delivery. Violet's remix successfully brings new angles to the song's message of empowerment and perseverance against inner demons.

Taken as a cohesive two-song body of work, "A Fix" shows Sthira flexing her talent over thought-provoking subject matter. Through vulnerability-laced vocals and the songs' evocative production, the artist sheds light on the intricate nature of addiction. But most importantly, both tracks leave the listener feeling uplifted rather than burdened.

Give Mira a follow on social media to discover more, and check out the full catalog on Spotify.

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September 29, 2023 by SAIIDZ

In 2019, a passion for music brought four talented musicians together in Durham. Led by singer-songwriter Tuck Satterfield, the group also included guitarist Stephen Munoz, drummer Pam McCarthy and bassist Michael Lowry. While all highly skilled musicians, it was their genuine connection to one another and shared vision that united them as The Simple Joy.

After intense work throughout 2020, the band was finally ready to unveil their debut album - Unravel. They started working on it in early 2020, but the pandemic slowed their progress significantly. "It took nearly two years to record and nearly three to finish, but we're proud of these songs and happy to have gotten to take our time to make them sound their best" explains the band.

Unravel offers listeners a diverse musical experience across 14 tracks. The album launches with the upbeat blues rock sound of "Triple Double," powered by raw guitar work. In contrast, "Circus In Your Head" is a lush bluegrass piece showcasing the band's instrumental talents. Other standouts include the laidback acoustic vibes of "Avalon" and the sweet melodies of "Everything But The Cost."

The band seamlessly blends multiple genres throughout the album. "I Would Come Willing" casts a dreamlike folk spell with its acoustics, while "Until" builds gracefully with grand Americana textures. The catchy "Vows" echos and gets your feet tapping. Upbeat numbers like the fun "Haze" and lively "If Your Soul Costs Nothing" offer delightful contrast. Unravel's closing track "If I Could" ends the album on an emotional high note drenched in sweet melodies and warm instrumentation.

For those seeking a relaxing, emotionally rich listening experience to unwind from the stresses of daily life, Unravel by The Simple Joy delivers the perfect escape. From the first tender strum of "Triple Double" to the soulful vocals of "If I Could," this debut album soothes the soul with its delicate folk melodies and intricate instrumental textures. Each track invites listeners deeper into the band's authentic songwriting, wrapping them in the warm musical embrace of Unravel. Stream Unravel from start to finish on your favorite platform to experience the full emotional range of their heartfelt storytelling. Be sure to follow The Simple Joy on your preferred social media platforms to stay up to date on their latest performances, music releases and news.

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September 28, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Still a relatively new presence on the black metal scene, Misanthropic Therapy have wasted no time in igniting a blaze with their debut single "Realm of the Absurd". The track stands as a consummate introduction to the band's scorching sound.

From the opening feedback-fueled wail, "Realm of the Absurd" sends the listener hurtling headfirst into the fiery maelstrom that is Misanthropic Therapy's sonic world. Searing guitars ring out as the drums launch into an explosive flurry of blast beats, propelling the track at a breakneck pace from the very start. The frontman enters with a visceral display of caustic shrieks and bellows, channeled straight from down below.

The guitar steals the show with its loud fretwork. At times the playing takes on a slithering quality, winding insidiously around the listener before lunging for an attack.

The drums match the guitar skill note for note, delivering a machine barrage of double power. The deft fills and rolls drive the track's volcanic force forward with unyielding momentum. And then there are the vocals that tower over the production, serving as the band's priest of pandemonium. The caustic vocal style writhes and claws its way through the listener's speakers, forever etched into the mind long after the track's conclusion.

The song builds steadily towards its cataclysmic conclusion, with each member playing perfectly in synchronicity towards maximum annihilation. By the track's final, scorched earth climax, there is little left but ashes and twisted metal. Misanthropic Therapy have well and truly reduced all to nothing through their fierce volcanic chemistry and mastery of their destructive craft.

While still relatively new to the scene, the band has quickly demonstrated their musical abilities and intensity and that they’re a force to be reckoned with among more veteran groups in the black metal underground. Their skills ensure they will soon earn a place in the genre's history books, mentioned alongside icons.

For those who want to stay up to date with Misanthropic Therapy's metal path, be sure to follow them on social media. Engaging with their posts is a great way to support underground artists like themselves. I implore you to experience this primordial sonic destroyer however you can, either on Spotify, or any streaming site.

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September 28, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Blind Man's Daughter has embarked on quite a journey since founding member Ashley Wolfe first started composing songs over a decade ago in Durango, Colorado. What began as a solo studio project has now blossomed into one of the most exciting emerging acts on the scene. Their brand-new album "Sundressed" is a testament to Ashley's dedication and passion for crafting fresh and stylish heavy music.

Blind Man's Daughter's story starts in 2012 when Ashley, who handles lead vocals and guitar, dedicated herself to writing progressive compositions in Durango. Then in 2022, Ashley made the move to Albuquerque, New Mexico, which marked an important turning point for the band.

Connecting with local musicians upon arriving in Albuquerque, Ashley was able to take Blind Man's Daughter from a studio project to a full-fledged band. With renewed inspiration from her new surroundings and collaborators, she went on to craft the album "Sundressed" at a prolific pace. Recorded between November 2022 and February 2023, "Sundressed" showcased Ashley's artful blending of cutting-edge melodic progressive metal influences with classic rock foundations.

What emerges is a sound that is refreshingly novel yet steeped in the progressive rock and metal tradition. Ashley's songs convey complex emotions through her poignant lyrics and expressive vocals. She navigates soothing passages, fierce growls, flying notes, and intimate moments with consummate skill. Musically, Blind Man's Daughter draws from metal, rock, and beyond but combines these diverse elements harmoniously into their style. It is both highly engaging and unlike anything else in the genre.

"Sundressed" satisfies even the most voracious of music fans with its collection of masterfully composed tracks. Each composition demands the listener's full attention in order to soak up every nuance. A standout is "Seancer" with its heavenly vocals ranging from sky-high notes to crisp screams, showcasing Ashley's immense vocal prowess. "Dust & Light" unleashes fiery guitar work after starting in an ambient fashion. "Dust" creates a meditative atmosphere shorn of loud bombast. Meanwhile, "Days Fall" puts Ashley's commanding voice front and center with an indelible impression.

From beginning to end, the album keeps audiences enthralled through songs that induce stillness, invite headbanging, and stir deep gratitude. Upon witnessing Blind Man's Daughter's staggering creativity and craftsmanship firsthand, it's easy to understand why they have become beloved in the music community in such a short time. With "Sundressed," Ashley Wolfe cements Blind Man's Daughter as a progressive metal force to be reckoned with for years to come. Be sure to follow the band online and immerse yourself in the auditory splendor of "Sundressed." With new fans discovering their material daily, 2023 is shaping up to be a breakout year for the band. Don't miss out. Stream the album and follow Blind Man’s Daughter online.

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September 28, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Sage seems to have found musical inspiration from every corner of the globe on their new album, "Dirty Blonde." Across 13 tracks, fans are treated to a wide spectrum of electro beats, exotic female vocals, and lush instrumentation that feels equally at home in futuristic cities and far-flung destinations. But more than just a collection of dancefloor-ready club tracks, "Dirty Blonde" tells a story about themes of transformation, independence, and cultural fusion.

The album kicks off with "High," taking you immediately with permeating synths and a driving bassline. The vocals take the mind to a cyberpunk world just over the horizon. It's the perfect opening statement, signaling that what follows will be a trip beyond familiar landscapes. Track two, "Palm Trees And Scotch," takes things in an even more eclectic direction. Shimmering percussion and layered vocals create a hypnotic pattern that feels meditative and invigorating all at once. Things shift to an even more global palette on "The Best Revenge," featuring mesmerizing keys and beats. From there, "Corn Chip Thot" is imbued with atmospheric pads and coded melodies, evoking a neon-soaked feel in the small hours of the morning.

The floor-shaking energy of "Work From Hoe" takes hold, with its bumping beats and fun melody that is primed for peak-time festival sets. Tracks like "Spunky" and "Itty Bitty" continue the global club vibes, transporting the listener to sultry locals and white-sand shores under colorful sunrises and sunsets. "Finna" retains the late-night atmosphere but with an added edge of cinematic suspense, as though overheard in a shadowy underground lounge. Meanwhile "Broment\" glides along on dubby basslines and ambient textures that feel boundless and cosmic. We finish off with the closing track, "Corn Chip Thot (Jyme remix)," which wraps up the journey in billowing soundscapes and floating beats—a fitting destination after such a diverse expedition through influences and eras.

Across 13 tracks, Sage has indeed crafted more than a mere album—it's an auditory odyssey, leaving listeners transported, transformed, and with a heightened sense of wanderlust. "Dirty Blonde" proves that great art stems from opening one's mind to a myriad of cultural sources and allowing them to blend together seamlessly. It's a journey worth taking for any music fan, and a fitting musical mirror for our modern, globally connected era.

Trust that Sage knows how to take you on a wild ride through sound and style. With rich world-spanning productions like Dirty Blonde, it's clear that Sage is an artist creating on an international level. I have no doubt their fanbase will continue to grow as more listeners experience the euphoric sounds they craft. So pull up Dirty Blonde on Spotify today and get lost in Sage's sonic storytelling! Follow Sage on social media as well to stay up to date on any future releases or tour announcements.

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September 28, 2023 by SAIIDZ

The opening riffs slice through the air like shrapnel, the drums pound like artillery fire. This is "Cry of War," by Gary Dranow, a new metal tune dedicated to the people of Ukraine as they withstand Russia's brutal invasion.

The song wastes no time, exploding right into a chugging onslaught of guitars and thunderous percussion. The effect is disorienting and overwhelming - just like the shock Ukrainians felt in those first days when missiles and tanks poured over their borders. The music captures that sense of confusion and dread.

The spotlight remains fixed on those metallic strings, even as the drums and bass keep up their relentless battery. The music pulses with adrenaline, the drums like a racing heartbeat. Ukraine will not break, and its head will remain unbowed. Even in their darkest hour, the people's spirit blazes bright. They will drive the invaders back, whatever it takes.

The guitar sings sadly for all the lives lost but rises with optimism for those still fighting. This is the voice of the Ukrainian people, daring to dream of the day the bombs go silent and their land is free again. The music drops, soft and prayerful. Can such a day come?

There is still much rebuilding to do. The dead must be properly mourned. But looking ahead, seeing the children play freely again, there is joy. A new chapter has begun. The crying guitars offer a tribute to all who bled for this dawn while welcoming the light of days to come. If people cling to their humanity, peace prevails. The song promises that the cry of war will not echo forever.

This is but one anthem written in solidarity with Ukraine. As always, Gary’s music gives voice to our highest hopes, channeling our emotions into something beautiful. This metal tune reminds us that where there is will, where there is community, there is hope. If hearts and minds stay strong, any invasion can be repelled. "Cry of War" is a soundtrack for keeping the faith alive, for believing freedom will rise again like the glorious sun on the Ukrainian flag. Its passion and resilience call on all of us to take strength from these people's stand, and to keep lighting candles in the darkness until peace comes.

If you want to support Gary Dranow, follow his social media pages. Give "Cry of War" a listen - I'm sure the intensity of Dranow's musical tribute will stir your soul.

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September 28, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Provo, Utah native Carson Ferris has been taking the music world by storm lately with his blend of pop and R&B influences. With his soulful vocals and catchy melodies, the young artist has been drawing comparisons to icons like Michael Jackson and OneRepublic. Now, Ferris is looking to continue his ascent with the release of his latest single "1999."

The song is quintessential late 90s/early 2000s pop gold. From the moment those funky basslines and beats start, you're taken back two decades. Ferris effortlessly channels the era with his smooth crooning over the track's upbeat sonics. It's like a lost gem from the glory days of Total Request Live and Winamp playlists.

Ferris has come a long way, even in just the past couple of years. His breakthrough came in 2021 with the global hit "Can't Be Without You," his collaboration with fellow rising star Trinidad Cardona. The infectious duet racked up hundreds of thousands of streams on platforms like Spotify. That same year, Ferris won a social media contest to perform alongside Vegas legend Donny Osmond for his show at Harrah's. Singing a classic like "One Bad Apple" in front of a live audience was undoubtedly a major career highlight.

Since then, Ferris has stayed busy writing, recording, and performing his material. His sophomore single reached similar streaming success to "Can't Be Without You." Most notably, Spotify included Ferris on their influential "This is Trinidad Cardona" playlist, exposing his music to millions more potential fans worldwide. 2022 saw Ferris take the stage at acclaimed Utah festivals like Fork Fest and Buzzards and Bees, allowing him to connect with audiences in his hometown.

Now with "1999," Ferris looks primed to reach even greater heights. The flirtatious lyrics, pounding beat, and nostalgia-inducing atmospheric sounds will surely have you singing along and dancing in the aisles. It's an infectious pop song through and through, radiating positivity and reminiscent of golden era radio smashes. Ferris' charisma and charm shine through with his magnetic vocal performance, showcasing why he's become one of the brightest new artists out now.

Be sure to follow along with Ferris as his star continues to rise. Further singles, music videos, and live shows are surely coming soon. 1999 is the perfect accompaniment to drive-bys, pool parties, and flamingo floats. Get ready to retreat to 1999 with Carson Ferris - it's sure to be one wild ride.

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September 27, 2023 by SAIIDZ

Clay Joule has established a reputation for himself by creating lush, melodic songs and heartfelt lyrics that convey impactful messages of hope. His most recent single, "Keep On," continues in this vein. Featuring a smooth jazz sound and uplifting words, the song acts as a rallying cry for determination and belief in difficult times.

"Keep On" eases the listener in with a warm ambiance reminiscent of an after-hours jazz club. Melodies glisten over a relaxed piano line, conjuring images of candlelit evenings spent in good company and great music. But tucked within the tranquility of the song's opening is subtle tension, a promise of greater heights yet to come.

The delivery is soothing, providing reassurance in moments of uncertainty. With jazz roots but a mainstream sensibility, Clay opens his artistry and positive messages to all people, regardless of background. As the track builds through the verses and chorus, this message of perseverance in the face of life's challenges is one we can all benefit from hearing.

"Keep On" continues to evolve as it progresses. A burning brass section takes the spotlight, with vocals near the end. Textures layer in between voices and instruments that build steadily to the triumphant peak. By the time the final chorus belts out, it's impossible not to feel rallied by the message.

Whatever challenges one may currently face, Clay Joule encourages listeners to embrace opportunities, believe in themselves, and never stop moving forward. Life presents both difficulties and possibilities—it's up to each individual to choose hope over despair, to keep on pushing through to better days.

For those seeking an anthem for staying strong and inspiring, "Keep On" delivers. Emerging from a warm, late-night ambiance into a vibrant funk-jazz groove, the track simmers with passion yet spreads its positive message accessible. With his commitment to lifting up others through soulful music, Clay Joule proves once again why his artistry resonates so strongly. Stream "Keep On" today, follow Clay for updates on upcoming releases of music that will continue to motivate and encourage listeners, and take his encouragement to heart - no matter what obstacles may come, the ability to keep moving forward lives within us all.

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September 27, 2023 by SAIIDZ

The striking soundscape of Copenhagen's adored dream pop duo, BlackieBlueBird, is poised to once again captivate fans with the long-awaited arrival of their third album, "Grace & Gravity." Helmed by the angelic vocals of Heidi Lindahl and the compositional virtuosity of Nils Lassen, BlackieBlueBird has emerged as torchbearers of hazy, reverb-soaked melodies that resonate profoundly with their audience. This duo's distinctive fusion of hauntingly beautiful music and lyrical finesse has garnered international acclaim.

Led by Heidi Lindahl's precious and enchanting vocals, "Grace & Gravity" showcases ten evocative tracks, each serving as a testament to longing, love, life and the accompanying losses. Nils Lassen's compositions blend a variety of emotions and feelings into a colorful musical story that fully engages listeners.

The album starts with the big, bold sound of "The Morning After." It surrounds the listener in a graceful, calming atmosphere like being alone in a quiet, old church. You can almost picture the tall ceilings and smell the old wood as the song wraps around you. The vocal performance, characterized by its breathless beauty, vibrates deeply, evoking a sense of light caressing the face. "Mesmerized," a more upbeat offering, infuses the dream-pop soundscape with folk touch essences, establishing a lively tempo. Meanwhile, "The Love We Once Knew" exudes romanticism, its groovy rhythm coaxing slow, dancing movements into one's sanctuary room. The velvety allure of the vocals adds a rosy, dramatic flair to the composition.

"Mamachild" carries an air of lightheartedness, neither overly buoyant nor subdued, with faint background harmonies lending an elegant touch of luxury to the song. "I Can't Stop Drinking About You" embodies a sunny, carefree disposition, its fluid acoustic guitar playing evoking a sense of light and movement. The vocals, adorned with a sweet, summery echo, complete the witching picture.

"Oh Susanna" assumes a mellow tone, reminiscent of old Hollywood, evoking imagery akin to the opening scene of a classic movie starring Marilyn Monroe. "Tired Hangs the Head" unravels with ravishing key and instrumental composition, twinkling and enthralling the listener and prompting an involuntary sway of the head. "Boy of a 1000 Tears" transports the listener on a voyage, sailing through a sea of wonder. The vocals, resplendent and gripping, intertwine with the blossoming composition, resulting in a true work of art.

"Love Me Like You've Never Been Hurt" pierces the heart like a well-aimed arrow, as the vocals flow into the ears, moving the listener. Remarkably, the song's essence isn't necessarily sorrowful, yet the vocal delivery possesses an arresting quality that strikes deep. "Snowwhite Swan," akin to a radiant sun, exudes warmth and sweetness. The melody twinkles, while the guitars shine brightly, bringing the album to a serene conclusion.

No words can adequately convey the splendor, magnificence, grandeur, and sheer brilliance of this album. I humbly bow to the artists behind this opus and their artistic prowess. It is an exquisite masterpiece from start to finish. The musicianship, songwriting, and production are flawless. Each track commands your full attention and stirs a kaleidoscope of emotions. Fans must stream "Grace & Gravity" into their spells on Spotify. Stay tuned for future enchantments by following BlackieBlueBird. Surrender to their bewitching sounds now!

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