Synopsis (Original Album) By Imelda Gabs

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Imelda Gabs dropped her debut album "Synopsis" on April 14, 2023. The wrenching set of personal stories and sonic experimentation that make up the eight tracks of "Synopsis" solidify Gabs as an artist of singular depth and range. Throughout the album, Gabs’ dark pop style coalesces with soul, dance and R&B influences to craft an intimate listening experience reflective of her multifaceted talents.

"Synopsis" shares Gabs’ rawest thoughts and experiences yet, laying herself bare through confessional lyrics and soul-baring instrumentals. The album was produced entirely by Gabs at her home studio, with additional recording taking place in Switzerland and London, giving each track its own distinct character.

"Am I" opens the album with airy synths and glitchy beats, setting the tone for Gabs’ genre-bending sound. Layers of vocals evolve from a whisper to a scream, as the production crescendos into a maelstrom of sound. "Confession" showcases Gabs’ ability to craft euphoric moments of release within darker sonics. Its synth bassline and jazzy beats bring an infectious rhythm. The production gives the impression of emerging from deep within a dream.

"Secrets" blends mid-tempo R&B grooves with atmospheric synths for a seductive, introspective sound. The stunning beat flickers and stutters, reflecting the fragility of secrets kept. "Wanna Be with You" brightens the album's tone with a crunchy jazzy melody and a fresh beat. The uplifting, almost anthemic production creates a sense of catharsis.

"Reckless" descends into a powerful genre defying void of synths and looming keys. Gabs' vocals are wrapped in enough emotion to be washed into a dream from which there is no escape.

Imelda Gabs has arrived, and with "Synopsis" she has staked her claim as an artist to watch—one nurturing a remarkable talent and vision. Hers is a dark, swelling world of confessions and revelations told through sound, one that pulls the listener deep within its sinuous embrace.

To fully appreciate "Synopsis," hit play on Spotify and crank up the volume, so you can enjoy all eight songs equally. Follow Imelda for more sensational music like this. The album deserves to be experienced in full volume, so you can immerse yourself in Imelda's sound and vision.

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