We’re here with the extraordinary new release, "Symptoms" from American pop artist Katie Belle, released on June 25th, 2023. Written by Katie Belle alongside Fabio Campedelli and Dominique Vellutato, "Symptoms" was recorded and produced at Campedelli's studio in Los Angeles. This song has an intoxicating pop confection that will have listeners under its spell. Propelled by a pulsing synth-driven beat, Katie Belle's glamorous vocals glide over the top, capturing the dichotomy of desire and obsession explored in the lyrics.

Every element comes together seamlessly to form an instantly memorable track. The pulsating production draws you in immediately while allowing Katie Belle's expressive voice to shine through. Seductive hooks are complemented by a rhythmic undercurrent that keeps your feet tapping long after the song ends.

Lyrically, "Symptoms" explores the thrilling highs and perilous lows of intense infatuation, conveyed through candid analogies of addiction, obsession, and lust. "I got cold sweats, tight chest when you walk in," Katie Belle croons in the opening verse. "Obsessed you're the best, I can't stop it."

As the track builds, Katie Belle's articulation of craving, loss, and devotion becomes increasingly desperate yet strikingly relatable. "You're in my system, in my veins," she proclaims on the magnetic chorus. "Like I was bitten, in your chains. I'll be your victim when you're gone."

By the climactic final chorus, Katie Belle has laid herself completely bare, pleading "I'm getting symptoms, symptoms" over and over in a simmering crescendo. It's a tour de force vocal performance that brings the subject matter to an exhilarating apex. Already generating buzz online since its release, "Symptoms" cemented Katie Belle as a major new force in mainstream pop.


"Symptoms" marks an astounding new chapter for Katie Belle as an artist. This is quite frankly one of the best pop tracks we’ve heard all year - from the composition to production to Katie Belle's stellar performance, "Symptoms" hits all the right marks, and it has already rocketed to the top of our most played playlist.

We encourage everyone to stream "Symptoms," it's guaranteed to become your new summer anthem. Make sure to also follow Katie Belle on social media to stay up to date on her new albums and projects.

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