Maya Salafia's song "Swim" takes a deeper look at the feelings that come with falling for someone new. On Spotify, this new song has already over 3k plays.

You can experience what it's like to have a crush on someone thanks to the words and music. With its lively indie/pop music and evocative lyrics, Maya's song gives us the impression that we are inside her thoughts, following the plot as it develops.

It explores how exciting it is to like someone, but also how scary it can be. And how you can want someone but worry too.

From the very first notes, the rhythm, and melody entice your attention. You won't want to stop listening! Maya's singing captures emotions so well. She shows the good feelings like attraction, but also the harder ones like fear and uncertainty in a not-so-subtle way.

Guitar playing is a big part of the song too. It adds that fun, poppy feel with its rhythmic strumming. And all the pieces, the lyrics, singing, and guitar, fit together nicely. None of the parts try to stand out too much. They all support each other to let Maya's voice shine through.

Even though it's not a super complicated production, each part contributes to the song. And when you listen to what she does with her voice during the bridge, you can picture what she's singing about with that mysterious guitar delay effect.

By the final chorus, everything comes together like a perfect song. But it doesn't end: just like new love can feel! It leaves you thinking more instead of tying it all up with a bow. Maya's "Swim" is worth a listen to understand the complicated feelings of falling for someone new.

"Swim" sets the stage perfectly for what Maya will create next. She's continuing her music education at Berklee College of Music. So we can't imagine how great her songs will be as she learns even more.

Capturing the pure emotions of new love is no easy task. But Maya nails it with "Swim." It's so impressive for someone her age. With her skills in writing lyrics and performing them, she's an artist to keep an eye on.

You have to stream this song today to see what I mean. And follow Maya on social media too, who knows what she'll share next? I know Maya will treat us to many more songs that people will just love.

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