JUST ROCKSurrender (Original Single) by Zach Churchill

August 12, 2022 by saiidzeidan

Zach Churchill has released a new original single, "Surrender" an emotional soul-bearing track that shows the difficulties Zach has been facing that we can all relate to and feel with Zach, especially when he says " I don't want to feel right now" a truly felt lyric that I and many others can relate to.

Surrender (Original Single) by Zach Churchill will be the first single in Zach's upcoming album "Greater Than," and if this is just the start of the album, I can't wait till the album is completed and released because it will truly be ground breaking.

Surrender (Original Single) by Zach Churchill is an Alternative rock pop single that is catchy truthful, and emotional the sad song we all need in our lives, with vocals that are just to die for. You must give Surrender (Original Single) by Zach Churchill a listen.

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