Sunny (Original Single) By lukx

Discover POP Sunny (Original Single) By lukx

LukX, the talented cross-genre artist specializing in Hip Hop/R&B, has finally released his latest single. "Sunny" is one impressive production by this rising artist, so take a seat as it’s surely going to get interesting. I'll tell you everything there is to know. With a music career spanning over three years, LukX has managed to create the impossible. His library amasses over 30 singles with almost 500,000 streams on Spotify alone! And the people are LOVING it. The legend has almost surpassed 20,000 monthly streamers on the platform and seems to have cracked the secret of connecting with fans judging by these numbers. The road is just starting, so be sure to strap on as, by the looks of it, it is going to be one fast ride to stardom. LukX pushed the limits with "Sunny", producing a flawless R&B hip-hop song that really just flows smoothly, just perfectly balanced music. The song connects with everyone, even if they’re not into the genre, as it delivers melodic tunes and lyrical energy without affecting the space or environment it's present in, so be sure to check it out for yourselves. The track is an emotional piece by LukX that uplifts the spirits; it’s a song about breaking the walls of fear down and launching yourself into danger like one would dive into cold water on a hot summer day. The single also features four new rising artists other than Lukx, being DAD, Polen, Medok, and Jerem.

From his home studio in Belgium to thousands of fans all over the globe, this rising artist is set out to dominate the industry with your support. So blast his music, share it, experience the skills, and party like there’s no tomorrow. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to get the latest updates on his upcoming music releases.

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