Suddenly the Rain (Original Single) By Mac Summer

TOP BEST HITS Suddenly the Rain (Original Single) By Mac Summer

Mac Summer’s latest track "Suddenly The Rain" shows off yet again why he is considered one of New Zealand’s premier producers of liquid drum and bass music. The song is a masterclass in building detailed rhythms, layering ethereal vocals, and crafting a futuristic yet highly danceable electronic soundscape.

The track opens with a vague piano melody that is dark and brooding. Just as the listener starts to settle into the vibe of the intro, the beat kicks in with a vengeance at around 40 seconds. The drums are fast-paced, hard-hitting, and laced with robotic, sci-fi sounding effects. However, instead of harsh synths, the song layers in gorgeous, airy female vocals and shimmering synth pads. The combination of the aggressiveness of the drums with the lightness of the vocals and synths creates an intoxicating energy.

Around the bridge, the track showcases Mac Summer’s talent for intricate breaks and build-ups. The drums cut out for a few seconds, leaving only the vocals and piano. The vocals become chopped up and stuttered before the drums dramatically roll back in, with a syncopated, rolling rhythm. This build-up and break breathes new life into the track and elevates the energy to an even higher level.

The song continues to unfold more hooks and instruments, including male vocals, cymbal swells, additional synth leads, and even more complex drum fills and variations. At its core though, it always returns to that central contrast between the hard-edged drum beats and the lighter, mystical synths and vocals. The way Mac Summer is able to weave all these elements together into a cohesive journey makes "Suddenly The Rain" a mesmerizing listen from start to finish.

Mac Summer's "Suddenly The Rain" is a tour de force of liquid drum and bass. From its understated intro to its massive drops, the track delivers a rollercoaster ride of energies and hooks. Given his past successes and the infectious, futuristic sound of "Suddenly The Rain," Mac Summer is poised to bring the liquid DnB sound to an even wider audience. Be sure to follow Mac Summer on social media and stream "Suddenly The Rain" on Spotify or your preferred streaming platform, you'll certainly be hooked the moment you give him a listen!!


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