Street Lights (Original Single) by Dj Overture

TOP BEST HITS Street Lights (Original Single) by Dj Overture
Street Lights (Original Single) by Dj Overture Street Lights (Original Single) by Dj Overture

Street Lights (Original Single) is the 4th song done by Dj Overture after finally gaining the confidence to release his music, a trait we all need  is the confidence to put out our hard work. I personally understand the struggle of feeling vulnerable to releasing something you care about, because I felt it too in my life. One of the main reasons I respect and revere Dj Overture so much, other than the more important fact that he makes great music ;)

Street Lights is a chill lofi song perfect for studying, relaxing and chilling out when you want to sit and clear your mind, or even walking home at night when you want to relax after a hard workday. It is calm and simple yet slightly repetitive in an alluring unnoticeable way with clean chords and a bright little counter melody on top.

Dj Overture's song is an amazing listen that will clear your mind and relax you of all your worries, its rich vibe definitely makes its way into your soul with its slow sluggish drums and repetitive nature. A hypnotic single in all the right ways.

The 21 year old producer from Cincinnati Ohio, Dj Overture mixed, mastered, and produced this single all by himself ; a hard feat most struggle to even come close to accomplish. He is a talented and well versed artist that is worth a listen. his track 'Street Lights' is a truly impeccable lofi track that you need to give a listen to, if you like lofi or calming music.

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