Street Fighter (Original Single) by KidVitals Ft. Dreamworld Tony

TOP BEST HITS Street Fighter (Original Single) by KidVitals Ft. Dreamworld Tony

Outgoing and motivational music that will raise your vibe, that is what KidVitals "Street Fighter" (Original Single) is all about. The impeccable single is one of a kind with an uplifting vibe like no other. KidVitals has truly out done himself on this magnificent and addicting track.

Street Fighter (Original Single) is a electronic pop single with autotuned rap that just ties the single together in a way that has you in a choke hold. The single was made featuring the talented Dreamworld Tony, who is the main head in KidVitals and Dreamworld Tony's collective called "Dreamworld".

Talented, creative, and skilled, KidVitals wrote this single to motivate us all with the positive and relatable lyrics all about empowerment, adapting, & perseverance of the listener. KidVitals even tells us : " I felt it was my duty as an artist to uplift my fellow creatives, hustlers, & audience as I accept I am a role model for the youth & anyone else who looks up to me or my work". And he really is one great role model to look up to because spreading positivity and empowerment in our tough world is something to be praised and looked up for in our hard world, that tries to crush everyone in its grasp.

Words cannot describe "Street Fighter" as its one catchy unique track that is sure to grab your attention, not to mention all the elements that perfectly synergize and make for one mesmerizing sound and melody. KidVitals Vocalized this track and I can only applause him with the great performance he has given us.

I am in love with this single and Im sure you will too, you must give Street Fighter (Original Single) by KidVitals Ft. Dreamworld Tony a listen. And dont forget to follow KidVitals and Dreamworld Tony's on their journey as they are remarkable artists that deserve attention and recognition.

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