Storm Doris (Original EP) By Doris

JUST ROCK Storm Doris (Original EP) By Doris

Doris is a London-based dream pop/shoegaze band that crafts stunningly beautiful music. Their debut album Storm Doris layers atmospheric guitar riffs, keyboards, and more with Romy Jo's vocals, which rise like a breeze enveloping the listener in a world of magnificence and beauty.

Storm Doris pulls you in from the very first track, with "Down", an upbeat track with a gorgeous guitar riff that sinks you into bliss. This epitome of dream pop keeps the fantasy alive, its layers of cloudy guitars and breathy vocals creating a mood of weightless euphoria. The pace slows but not the power on "Old Bones," with vocals that stir the soul. Low, crooning vocals groove over deliberately shuffled beats and muffled guitars, its relaxed vibe tantalizing. Every note is imbued with purpose and longing.

"Supernatural Sex Dream" bathes the mood in twinkling wonder, its fantastic guitar melody bringing joy and groove. With vocals that shine through like a sunrise, delivering a nice and breathy soulful radiance, this track seems plucked from another dimension. So chill yet luxurious, it’s perfect for escaping this world.

Surprises abound on "Cult," with strings and keys bringing its dreamy, lush feel to the forefront. The addition of strings create a sense of grandeur, emphasizing the ethereal and cinematic quality of the music. This track is destined to become a favorite, its persuasive yet hazy soundscapes are irresistible.

"Lonely Rose" is simply enchanting, transporting you elsewhere from the very first note. Built for a night of magic and mystery, its gentle strumming and shimmering beats fill the air with possibility. "Spy Girl" stirs nostalgia and cheer, its strumming and beat filling you with ecstasy. Like catching a glimpse of an old friend, familiar yet newly inspiring, this track creates a sense of warmth and solace.

This paean of sound and light claims the crown jewel in "Sun." It awakens senses and sets the soul aflight, its celestial guitars and glittering keys awakening a deep-seated joy. With features from stringed instruments, woodwinds, and more, "Sun" caps the journey in magnificent, multifaceted fashion.

Storm Doris is a magnificent album, it entrances you from the very first note to the final moment with its undisputable brilliance. Doris have made a remarkably breathtaking release, elevating the dreampop and shoegaze scene forever! Doris is a band truly deserving of all the love and support!

So be sure to stream Storm Doris on Spotify and follow Doris on social media to keep up with all their latest news and releases, I'm sure you won't want to miss any of their upcoming creations.

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