Clare Easdown has just released a new single called "Stigma Enigma" which blew me away. This song shows off Clare's incredible singing voice and way with words.

Her voice just floats over waves of glittering synths and layers of sound. Sometimes it's emotional and raw, other times it has this ethereal echo to it. She's super talented both technically and creatively.

The music behind Clare's vocals was carefully made to support her singing perfectly. It combines steady beats, atmospheric keyboards, and ambient textures. All of it together builds this moody foundation for the song. The instrumental enhances the tone overall.

But "Stigma Enigma" is about so much more than just sounding good. This track sends an important message about ending the stigma around mental health once and for all. Clare wants to start a real conversation and make a difference with this song. Her lyrics shine a light on such a meaningful issue.

Time just flies by when you're listening to "Stigma Enigma"! Even though it's not a super long song at less than four minutes, Clare manages to pull you fully into her world.

The verses grab your attention with their powerful messages and it fills you with so much emotion. The vocals flow beautifully between each part of the song too. You never lose focus because her singing and the way she phrases the lyrics keep you engaged the whole time.

It's also amazing how her voice can be beautifully high even when she’s not trying. She uses her wide vocal range to its full potential. 

While "Stigma Enigma" takes influence from other electronic pop artists like FKA Twigs and Grimes, Clare is starting to develop her unique style. She's a god on the mic, creating, singing, and producing music herself. This lets her create songs that just suck you in.

 If you're looking for an artist who pours their heart into their music, while also using it for good, Clare Easdown is it. If you have heard of her art before, then you’ll appreciate her even more after this release.

And if you’re new, then this track is a perfect way to get introduced to Clare's dreamy soundworld. And from the way this song turned out, more and more fans will flock to her YouTube channel to listen and watch the music video. Go ahead, go to your Spotify page, and check out the song today. 

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