Music has always been an emotional outlet, allowing us to pour our innermost turmoil and complicated feelings into melodies and lyrics. With his newly released single "Stifled," singer-songwriter Ollie Twohill invites the listener deeply into his private struggles with mental health. Through the intimate and reflective words he's crafted alongside raw guitar notes plucked from the depths of his soul, Ollie bravely shares his experience of hitting rock bottom. In the sadness of severe depression, he knew only an all-consuming desire to end the anguish plaguing his mind. It's a topic still shrouded in stigma, yet more creatives are stepping bravely forward with their stories. By revealing their scars publicly, they help others feel less alone with theirs.

The track opens quietly, as if cautiously disturbing troubled thoughts. Gentle guitar strings whisper around you, building tension yet providing calm. Gradually the melody swells with color and energy, a release of burden courtesy of layered guitar layers. This flowering of sound allows Ollie's powerful emotion to carry through, his tender vocals joining palms up in vulnerability. His delivery draws you directly into his story, sitting with him in the darkness he once knew.

As the song unfolds, the electric guitars distort further, channeling the maelstrom swirling within Ollie. Even in its most bare moments, "Stifled" shines as a deeply composed work of raw artistry, the skillful crafting of musical offering solace to all who listen with open hands and hearts. Through Ollie's courage to witness his humanity, others feel less alone in theirs.

"Stifled" is a stunningly personal track that cuts through guarded facades to speak honestly about struggles shared by millions worldwide. By putting a human face and musical soul to such a prevalent crisis, Twohill performs an immeasurably valuable public service. He reminds listeners that none of us have to face mental health alone – there are always alternatives beyond the temptation to give up.

Stream "Stifled" on Spotify or your preferred music platform to experience the full emotional impact of Twohill's important message. Twohill leaves hope that even our darkest nights can lead to dawn if we keep fighting the good fight together. His message is simple yet soul-saving: you are not stifled, you are heard.

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