Sometimes it can feel impossible to slow down and find moments of stillness. I’ve been feeling the effects of non-stop busyness wearing down on me, and I know I’m not the only one. That's why I've been connecting with Super Saiyan Jay’s latest single, "Staying In." The mellow vibe of this track is the perfect soundtrack for pressing pause and recharging your batteries at home. I need time alone to recharge and be with my thoughts. Jay seems to be tapping into that same need for inner reflection and renewal with "Staying In."

His soulful vocals on this track are relieving. You can feel the sense of calm and Zen-like relaxation coming through in his singing. Just listening enchants me away from any stresses or to-dos weighing on my mind.

Something to appreciate most about "Staying In" is that despite celebrating solitude, it doesn’t come across as a depressing or sad song. Jay infuses it with an uplifting, easygoing vibe instead. The steady R&B beat provides a mellow foundation that puts me at ease. Jazz elements are woven throughout, adding welcome complexity, and lifting my mood even higher. It has a happy, lighthearted ambiance that makes solitude sound enjoyable rather than isolating. I can feel the tension melting away as I get lost in the rhythm.

This track has quickly become my go-to when I need some "me time." It perfectly captures the Zen-like bliss of retreating inward, even for a little while. When to-do lists start to overwhelm or stress creeps back in, "Staying In" is the first song I cue up. Listening delights me to my mental oasis where I can press pause on reality’s pressures. By the time it’s over, I feel refreshed and refocused, ready to dive back into daily life but on my terms.

Jay has a real gift for distilling complex emotions down to their essence and putting them into melodies. With "Staying In" he nails the feeling of seeking solace within to alleviate life’s pressures. Sometimes you've gotta press play on a song like this, shut the outside world out for a bit, and indulge in peaceful introspection. There’s no shame in that - in fact, it's probably just what busy souls need more of. This jam will be in regular rotation whenever I need to escape inwards. Treat yourself to the soothing soundtrack for staying in; put those headphones on and hit play!

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