State of the Art (Original Album) By Charlie Fisher

Discover POP State of the Art (Original Album) By Charlie Fisher

Charlie Fisher is back ladies and gentlemen, so get ready to go on a new sensational ride. After over a year of dedication and hard work, he’s finally finished his latest album ‘State Of The Art’ with an incredible 11 original songs that are guaranteed to get you moving. The latest release is what you call the culmination of Charlie’s work to date with a breath of fresh air in the pop landscape that is increasingly taking itself just a little too seriously.

Charlie’s latest pop album will surely be getting you going with 6 features with different artists, the album is a recipe for success. Artists like Sevenths, DJ Re: Code, Tobre, Nick White and Bryce Quartz are all featured on this new album so be sure to be checking it out as it will get you up and dancing.

Charlie’s decision to go above and beyond with the new release in an attempt to rebrand pop music adding the fun back into it. Experimenting with different styles of pop music in this album in songs like City Pop and Give Me A Night Call and they sure do give different vibes. You will be noticing a lot of variations in the style of music as you bounce between songs in this album but we do guarantee that you will not be bored or annoyed by anything this new album has to provide as we’ve been through it... about 28 times so far... so yeah it's quite good.

Charlie Fisher is a relatively new rising artist in the music industry with a still modest but rapidly growing social media presence. He has a stable 250-300 monthly Spotify listeners that seem loyal to his brand and art with over 19,000 streams on ‘Call Me Crazy’, a single on the new album in collaboration with DJ Re: Code.

So hop on the hype train while we accompany Charlie on his road to success and be sure to show him all the support if you enjoy his music by following him on all his different social media platforms and showing him some love by streaming and sharing his music on Spotify.

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