I'm excited to present to you Proklaim and his brand-new single, "STARFALL." Once you hear this single, you'll know it's something special. In the midst of all the chaos, Proklaim is taking new approaches like nobody's business.

From the jump, this track had me feeling some type of way. The opening sequence comes in all illustrative and cinematic, setting the vibe straight away. Then the full song kicks in and it's on. Proklaim floats over this spacey, breathtaking beat with the type of lyrical dexterity that only a true wordsmith possesses. The rapper paints pictures with his flow, taking you on a journey with his lyrics. He navigates these changing landscapes for the track in a way that is straight-up masterful.

He addresses resilience in the face of misfortune in the track. Those moments when it seems like the world is crumbling are something we've all experienced. But Proklaim drops gems about prevailing regardless. The hook "Just the way this world works" is straight truth and inspiration at the same time. Even when it takes a while, you have to keep moving. His flow and delivery are next level as always. And he blends those dexterous flows with soulful R&B vibes for maximum effect. It's a hip-hop masterclass, for sure.

Shout out to PenPushaz Studio for holding it down on the track, too. You can hear the care and effort that went into crafting this motion work of art. A significant amount of studio time, talent, and creative energy was invested in producing such a cohesive and well-executed track. With every new release, Proklaim sets a higher standard for himself as an artist, exhibiting considerable improvement and expertise.

His upcoming project is certain to surpass anticipations and make a lasting impression on the hip-hop scene, if "STARFALL" is any precursor to subsequent works.

This single will surely spark introspection and emotional resonance for listeners, replaying on heavy rotation as we digest its empowering message. Another classic anthem was added to Proklaim's illustrious catalog. Stream and share "STARFALL" as far and wide as possible to show your support for the artist.

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