Star-Fairy (Original EP) By Maijah

Discover POP Star-Fairy (Original EP) By Maijah
]Star-Fairy (Original EP) By Maijah Star-Fairy (Original EP) By Maijah

Maijah's "Star-Fairy" original EP showcases her unique voice and talent for writing music. Her new EP includes five unique songs that Maijah recorded recently. There are several songs on Maijah's Star-Fairy (Original EP) that take the listener into a whole new world that are all connected in some way; they contain songs from various genres, moods, and subject matters that somehow all blend together making the listener feel as though they are the main character in their own movie. This EP is for the dreamers and creators. Life isn't a fairytale, but I hope that my music gives you an escape from your reality as we explore a different world together.

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