Squakin like a Bird (Original Single) By JUNK

TOP BEST HITS Squakin like a Bird (Original Single) By JUNK

JUNK are here to rouse the rabble and spark some much-needed rage against the branded idiocy blanketing society. The sharp contrarians of JUNK are cheekily calling out foolishness, one wry song at a time. Their latest drop, "Squakin like a Bird," covertly breaks down the silly talking points clogging the culture.

JUNK's latest single "Squakin like a Bird" is a departure from the maximalist, mind-bending sonic textures of past releases, instead embracing a silkier and more stripped-back approach. There are hints of avant-garde composition, jazz weirdness, and funky, off-kilter hip-hop woven throughout the track. This song is very groovy, easy going and had me jamming with the melodies.

The rap flow matches the beat like a glove, sliding over the jazz melody and bassline with effortless ease. Each bar is smoother than silk, with clever rhymes and references flowing together briskly. The rap flows with a chic arrogance with an edge to the smoothness, a sense that beneath the laid-back cool, lies a dark, menacing cleverness. Words have a shape-shifting quality, twisting and rearranging themselves on the fly to create shapeless yet catchy phrases.

The rapping is intricately structured, with callbacks and references that ebb and flow throughout the verse. Lyric fragments from the opening bars reappear later, looped and reworked into new forms. There are subtle shifts in flow and pace, moments of breathless speed and dragging, syrupy sounds.

JUNK continues to demonstrate a talent for embedding arcane references and concealed allusions into their music. The track is a portal to another dimension, its unsettling and grooving elements coalescing into a listening experience like no other. JUNK have once again pushed the boundaries of their sound with "Squakin like a Bird," JUNK have crafted a singular work that breaks genre conventions and reassembles them into something new, strange, and compelling.

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