East Tennessee's hip-hop tradition is being carried on by Justus, also known as Big Jayyy, who rose to fame from the depths of the city's musical scene to rhythms that echoed the area's rich cultural history. He adds his particular taste to the mix, drawing inspiration from pioneers Three 6 Mafia to superstars Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte. 

With his sincere delivery on his most recent single, "Split," Big Jayyy provides a window into the spirit of hip-hop. Big Jayyy is a Knoxville native who has never wavered from his 865 roots. He declares, "865 till I die," displaying a great sense of pride in his hometown. 

The mesmerizing rhythm of "Split" by Big Jayyy grabs your attention right away. In the song, his alter-ego encourages and tests him to take chances. 

The melancholic music on "Split" is a fantastic fit for the track's themes of discovery. A hypnotic melody blended with floating riffs is provided by producer BadSoul. It's the root cause of your entanglement in Big Jayyy's pursuit. His words reveal views that are concealed from perspective, and the entrancing atmosphere envelops you. 

This essential degree of introspection, bolstered by formidable rap skills, is what sets "Split" apart. His voice flows effortlessly over the music. He fits intricate rhyming patterns into succinct, memorable bars. Rapping with such technical mastery and expressing yourself requires genuine talent. 

The song demonstrates Big Jayyy's drive for continuous growth. You can't help but think about "Split" and anticipate Big Jayyy's next move in terms of his creative development. 

Big Jayyy has been a creative artist for a while and has gradually perfected his talent in Knoxville. "Split" demonstrates how his style is developing while retaining the very raw flare. This song is guaranteed to get him admirers outside his hometown. Indeed, it did. Hip-hop aficionados are enjoying "Split" in large numbers. The song has crossed 8K streams in just one month of release. That amount of interaction is particularly noteworthy in light of Big Jayyy's devoted fan base, which numbers more than six thousand monthly listeners on the streaming service Spotify.

To truly feel what Big Jayyy creates, I turned my focus fully inward when listening. Shut out distractions, play the song loud, and let his world wrap around you. Only then can you glimpse his process and understand and feel it all, just as I did. Give "Split" a listen today, it's worth immersing yourself in fully.

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