Splashed (Original Album) By Mad Painter

TOP BEST HITS Splashed (Original Album) By Mad Painter

Mad Painter, has recently launched their latest album, "Splashed", which contains 17 tracks that guarantee to captivate the audience with its thrilling musical voyage full of hits and jams. The album is packed with an array of songs that offer such variety that it's difficult to pick just one favorite.

The previously released single, "Illusion" sets the tone for the album's momentum. As we know, the piece was warmly received, with "Illusion" being an instant crowd-pleaser. The addictive melody and catchy lyrics are sure to have listeners hitting the replay button repeatedly.

"Parting Line" is a rhythmic track that instantly uplifts your mood. The lively keys and vocals keep the melody going, and it's a fun, happy tune that'll have you dancing along. "Stealin'" is a heartwarming, romantic song that features a lovely piano intro, followed by twinkling vocals that lead you on a musical odyssey. "Lie To Me," is a mellower instrumental track that showcases Mad Painter's versatility giving us a break from the loud energy that we know of Mad Painter's music. The track is awesome with a stunning electric guitar solo that ends the song beautifully.

"A Friend in France" is a personal favorite that is sure to have you grooving. The bright, dynamic vocals and upbeat melody make this song a perfect dance tune. "I Don't Know" takes you back to the 80s with its production reminiscent of ABBA. It's a fun tune that's sure to get your toes tapping. "The Moon" is a jazzy tune that features a melodic style that's unique and different from anything being released these days. It's sure to get you to the dancefloor with its infectious rhythm. "You Nearly Stole My Heart" is a nostalgic 70s-style piece that has jazzy keys and gorgeous rhythms. The vocals echo in your ears and add flavour to the song. With "I Live For Love" being a romantic track that features happy and faithful piano keys. The dramatic melodies will make you smile, and it's a splendid track that's rich and satisfying.

What's remarkable about this album is its versatility. It's not just for one specific type of audience, and everyone is certain to find something to love. The album has rock, jazz, theatrics, and everything in between, making it a harmonious buffet that will keep you delighted.

Mad Painter's "Splashed" album is a must-listen, and you need to give it a spin on Spotify. The album will keep you entranced, and you'll find yourself humming along to the attention-grabbing melodies and hooks long after it's over. Follow Mad Painter for more musical treats, and be prepared to be entertained.


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