Speak For A Moment (Original Single) By MATT DEANGELIS

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Emerging from the pine barrens and sandy shores of southern New Jersey comes a young musician with an old soul and a positive message. Meet 24-year-old Matt DeAngelis, a gifted singer, and songwriter who is determined to spread light in a darkened world.

Growing up, Matt forged a deep bond with the Earth. His reverence for nature worked its way into his music and his advocacy. As climate change became a driving issue worldwide, Matt took up the cause, hoping to make a difference through his art and activism.

Mental health is another cause dear to Matt's heart. Having grappled with his own challenges, he is attuned to the struggles many face in silence. Through inspiring lyrics and vulnerable songwriting, Matt hopes to convey the message that it's okay not to be okay. He reminds his listeners they are not alone.

Matt is now back with his talented group of members - releasing a new single called "Speak For a Moment." The track highlights Matt's vocals and thoughtful piano melodies. Flourishes of guitar and percussion produce a layered, upbeat soundscape, perfect for summer listening.

Lyrically, "Speak For a Moment" encourages us to live in the present: "Go on a run, make sure you wait for the sun, hey I don't look back, just let me know if I've won." Matt reminds us of the fleeting nature of life, nudging listeners to mindfully inhabit each moment before it slips away. Despite this sobering theme, the song's mood remains spirited and bright.

"Speak For a Moment" offers refuge from negativity and turmoil. In a world that can sometimes feel cold and frightening, Matt DeAngelis delivers a dose of optimism. Through his boundary-pushing music, he sends the simple yet profound message - darkness does not have to win. There is still goodness worth writing songs about.

The road ahead remains long, with the inevitability of twists and turns. But with bandmates and fans at his side, Matt seems ready to take each step in stride. Whatever form his career may take as the years unfold, his purpose stays constant - to give more light to the world through the power of music.

Make sure to explore Matt DeAngelis's body of work and show your appreciation. Connect with him on social platforms and keep up with upcoming releases. Most importantly, keep enjoying his music. Let his earnest lyrics and uplifting melodies wake you up to the present moment. Speak for a moment, and sing for a day.

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