Sparky’s Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) by Saucy Posse

TOP BEST HITS Sparky’s Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) by Saucy Posse

Saucy Posse has released a new album, Sparky's Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) the magnificent 12-track indie rock album will for sure be your go to album for jamming and having fun, this album is definitely a fun and carefree album with unique and creative singles that will get caught in your head with their effortless simplicity and catchy melodies.

Saucy Posse was formed when two coworkers were having a beer after work one night and discovered their similar musical interests and thus decided to have a jamming session together and soon after Saucy Posse was born, the current band is formed by Dallin Nelson, playing the Guitar/Vocals. Ty Bonaventura, playing the Bass/Vocals. and last but not least Kritika Malhotra, playing the Drums. Their talents join together beautifully to have been creating the masterpieces in  "Sparky's Bargain Warehouse".

All of the tracks on Sparky's Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) are amazing and magnetizing but my favorite is "Stay at Home Mom" with its catchy lyrics and melody that will definitely get stuck in your head as it has been living rent free in mine, not to mention the breathtaking melody and instrument playing in it. In general Saucy Posse really doesn't disappoint with their music, they are the true embodiment of talent, rhythm, and creativity.

If you're a fan of led Zeppelin you will surely like Saucy Posse as they have a similar vibe. You must give Sparky's Bargain Warehouse (Original Album) by Saucy Posse a magnificent album by a magnetizing band. dont forget to follow and like their social media to always be up to date

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