TOP BEST HITSSpace Dust (Original Single) By Miss Elm

July 13, 2022 by saiidzeidan
 Space Dust (Original Single) By Miss Elm Space Dust (Original Single) By Miss Elm

Space Dust (Original Single) By Miss Elm is a jazzy pop track, that is hypnotic with its simple beats and angelic vocals. Space Dust captures you in a surreal experience as it is a unique comprehensive experience with a suggestive beat that gives a relaxing catchy and hypnotic feel. The lyrics of this track are simple and catchy as well as mind turning, making you question your reality. This track is a collaboration between a jazz soul artist and a folk pop ukulele artist, the best of both worlds between two artists Miss Elm and Life is a Myth. This transe inducing song should definitely be on your list of must listen to songs, because it truly is just a dream like sensation. Miss Elm has outdone herself with this magical track.

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