Sometimes By EDIE YVONNE


Are you ready for a blast from the past? Coachella is back this year and No Doubt is having their BIG reunion show! To get us excited, 15-year-old singer Edie Yvonne did her version of one of their most famous songs, "Sometimes."
Edie is a young artist from LA. Even though she's only 15, she knows what sounds good through her dreamy indie pop songs about being a girl. She already has over 21k followers on Instagram and 23k people listen to her music every month on Spotify. For her age, that's pretty impressive. But even more cool, her voice sounds more grown up than most teenagers. She has real emotion and soul in her singing, like artists way older than her. If you don't know "Sometimes", No Doubt put it on their big album "No Doubt" from 1992. With its appealing sound from Gwen Stefani's powerful singing and Tom Dumont’s awesome guitars, the song captures those bittersweet feelings of uncertainty or emotional lows. It became an anthem for many 90s kids wishing for simpler times.

I bet some fans will be surprised that this song is being covered more than 30 years later by someone so young as Edie Yvonne. But from the first few notes, you can hear she put her spin on it while still appreciating what made the original great. Edie Yvonne's serene voice and acoustic guitar slow it way down and strip it bare so the unrestrained emotions in the lyrics shine. With just her and the acoustic guitar, Edie strips it down to nothing so you can feel every feeling in her voice as she sings about longing for lost love. It's romantic and unfiltered in a way that lets the lyrics be the star. Between the awesome guitar playing and powerhouse singing, I was mesmerized from start to finish.

What stands out about Edie is how much she loves music. When she sings, you feel how she puts her all into every note. Edie is super artistic and talented for her age. Edie has an exceptional future ahead as a singer-songwriter if she keeps practicing and getting better at what she does. If you're going to Coachella or missed out on seeing No Doubt back in the day, do yourself a solid and check Edie Yvonne out! She's a new artist you have to hear. Based on her numbers, she will be huge one day.

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