SOMETHING (Original Single) By Wotts

HYPE SOMETHING (Original Single) By Wotts

This single was destined to be played everywhere. "Something" by Wotts is a toe-tapping indie pop tune that will have you yearning for more once you finish it. The Canadian indie pop duo is evolving into a genre known as nostalgic pop, and we couldn't be more eager to hear it.

A fantastic blend of sounds, influences, and emotions. The song is an ocean of sensations with varied sounds and genres, with an 80s beat, futuristic tunes and voice mixing, and distorted guitars.

Their particular vocal style is highly noticeable, and you can tell that with each track release, they outdo themselves. From the first listen, you'll be captivated by the melody and addictive groove. The music begins with quiet melodies and rapidly transitions to fast percussion rhythms, which are followed by beautiful vocals. This song immediately uses every instrumentation, allowing no time to calm down; it swiftly takes up and keeps going up with the tempo.

The chorus "Well I gotta know, If you're gonna to be mine, I've been waiting all this time for you" with the guitar playing elevating it to another level, the song moves to a higher tone with every beat. The lyrics are extremely beautiful, questioning the person whether they'll ever end up with them after waiting all this time for them. According to the pair, this song is about portraying the sensation of desperation when you know someone has a hold on you, like when you're always paying attention to your phone waiting for one notification from them. And I have to mention the creativity done on the track cover, that was the first thing that caught my eye.

Simply put, this indie pop anthem is full of entrancing rhythms and melodies that will keep you glued till the end; it's a really well-crafted tune with lyrics and vocals that will itch that area of your brain. "Something" is a song for those who want a chill tune to drive to or a song to dance to; it works for many occasions and will enhance your mood. So, whether you're wanting to groove or simply relax, Wotts can surely assist. Follow the pair on social media and listen to "something" on streaming platforms.

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