Someone By BROMSEN


BROMSEN is at it again with their emotional tunes that speak to the soul. Their new single "Someone" is out now and this one packs a punch. This is their new single, from their upcoming album, "Brothers in Mind." It's all about that way we're all on to figure ourselves out. To embrace who we are down deep without any masks or pretenses.

They have stated that Luka Bloom and his journey of introspection served as a major source of inspiration. And that vulnerability is quite evident in what you hear. With their emotionally charged words and melodies, BROMSEN does that better than others.

The song honors Bloom's transition from Barry Moore to Bloom, who gave up conformity to pursue artistic freedom. In a similar vein, BROMSEN promotes valuing uniqueness and going with your instincts, defying social pressure to fit in. "Someone" celebrates individuality and self-realization with a message of life affirmation delivered via enthusiastic lyrics and joyous orchestration.

The music of BROMSEN expertly brings together arena rock, new wave, and synth-wave components to create an enticing indie/rock fusion. Walls of thrilling synthesizers, broken up by driving percussion and rhythmic riffs, give way to the vocals. From cool melodies to blazing leads that burn with passion, the textures are varied. Throughout, technical mastery is evident, with intricate compositions exuding contagious enthusiasm.

After the breakup of their former band, The Pampelmuse, BROMSEN formed in Berlin in the mid-2000s and perfected their art by playing modest local venues. After a long break, the members were eager to contribute fresh content and had rekindled their enthusiasm.

I've been a fan for a long time, and I'm proud of Richard and Karlo for coming up with another astounding release. I'm grateful to be able to follow their aspirations and see their journey come to perfection. Their artistic zenith is encapsulated in this track, which is masterfully carried out produced, and constructed. "Someone" is big, bright, and beautifully produced. If BROMSEN's moving message moved you as it did to me, I strongly suggest you stream "Someone" right now on all major platforms. Spread the word about it, the world needs their inspirational message.

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