Someone Better (Original Single) By YME

HYPE Someone Better (Original Single) By YME

The Dutch band YME's most recent single, "Someone Better," is the ideal easygoing tune to unwind to.

The song is heavily influenced by alternative 80s music and features intense beats and synthesizers that will have you on the edge of your seat. The song is extremely addicting due to its wide-ranging synthesizers, concealed deep bass melody, and mindblowing musical harmonies. We hear YME's powerful and wonderfully expressed vocals amid the synthesizers and pads that are there; her voice melts in our ears and causes us to sway left to right along with the music. One of the song's greatest highlights—and one of my favorites—is how well the vocals blend with the sound. Despite being gentle, the vocals beautifully complement the music by expressing very intense emotions and sensations.

The voices intensify at the finish, and the drumbeats are also picked up by the instrumentals. She sings the words with a voice that is sorrowful despite the instrumentals' fantastic, lush backdrop, which is full of vitality. It's a very well-produced song that will make you want to dance as well as feel the lyrics and all the emotions being expressed. Ymkje de Bijl aka YME, glows even brighter than the music, sparkling like a star.

A little backstory on the artist, she was diagnosed with autism at an early age, but she doesn't let them stop her from being a talented artist as she writes and performs all of her songs. The singer hopes that many people will find comfort and strength in her lyrics by listening to her songs, which are based on extremely personal events that happened to her.

YME is an inspirational artist who has worked really hard to become the greatest version she can be. YME : "I find it hard to find my place in the music industry because of my autism", it must be greatly difficult for her to deal with on a daily basis, and I personally can't image what she must go through in that regard as an autistic person. But I'm here to tell her that we as listeners adore her music and her courage in pushing to grow. She is a courageous young woman who merits all due respect. You must follow her for fresh updates and listen to the catchy song "Someone Better" on Spotify.

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