Sober (Original EP) by Al Pal

HYPE Sober (Original EP) by Al Pal

This is one magical and otherworldly Ep that is sure to transport you into another dimension while listening to its marvelous tracks. Al Pal has released her latest and debut Ep Sober (Original EP), a 4 full-length tracks Ep that mixes different genres and vibes.

Al Pal's second release to date blessed the world on September 24th is one 19 minute Ep you must give listen to,  the revolutionary EP "Sober, is breaking the chains and boundaries of music, making a unique and mesmerizing mix of genres that shows you how far creativity and originality can take you, and make for music like no other.

"Sober" is one inspirational Ep released on the day that Al Pal hit one year of being sober, he is one truly inspirational and talented artist that didn't let addiction stop him, he battled it and is here to tell us his war story through his mind-blowing music. Al Pal gives us this encouraging statement “No matter the odds, do what you dream of”.

As Al Pal describes "The first track of this Ep “Undone” is a melodic/liquid drum and bass track, tracks two “Lay Me Down” and four “Respond” blend a little bit of big room and tropical house with typical speeds of drum and bass. Track three “Toxic” is your every day heavy drum and bass track with plenty of growl bass."

You must give "Sober" (Original EP) by Al Pal a listen, a perfect listen for any occasion. And don't forget to like and follow all of Al Pal's social media platforms to always remain up to date on all his latest news and releases.


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