So Wrong So Right (Original Single) By PAGES.

JUST ROCK So Wrong So Right (Original Single) By PAGES.

‘PAGES’ a relatively newly established band founded in 2019 by Matt Fraser’s the legendary voice behind the fantastic vocals; Alistair McKinlay the talented guitarist with unstoppable solos and Jack Lovie, the mad drummer. The three have managed to synergize their talents to release 4 songs in total but have been gaining massive attractions as the 80s vibe is rising to the surface again.

Their latest release, ‘So Wrong So Right,’ is one song you wouldn’t want to miss out on; Recorded in the United States by the outfit’s produce, Joseph Schmidt. The song starts out with that 80s theme music twisted with incredible guitar solos and drum plays. It’s the perfect mixture 80s music and modern rock; the ideal combination to get your blood pumping and get you dancing. The band’s art has been heavily inspired by the likes of Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers, collectively assisting them in building their unique musical identity.

The band is based between Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow and has been gaining some traction lately with over 30,000 streams on Spotify for their previous release, ‘Black and Blue’ and combined with an excellent social media presence of over 5,000 Facebook followers. The sky seems to be the limit.

The band’s talent has already been recognized by the likes of The Lafontaines and Voodoo Bandits, even headlining The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. They’re obviously recognized locally, and with your support, the stars are the limit. If you are still looking for a new alternative rock band, then stop the search and give this band a shot, you will not be disappointed with what they have to offer, and you’ll only be disappointed that they do not have enough music in their library yet. Join them on their journey to stardom and start streaming ‘So Wrong So Right’ and if you like it, check out their other releases, ‘Black and Blue, ‘Snow’, and ’Bubble Bain.’

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