Show Off (Original Single) By OH.Tae

HIP HOP / RAP / R&B Show Off (Original Single) By OH.Tae
Show Off (Original Single) By OH.Tae Show Off (Original Single) By OH.Tae
Here is another original single for the artist, singer, and songwriter "OH. Tae" From San Antonio, Texas. Her talent was discovered when she was very young, in 4th grade, and since then, she has joined the school choir and started writing poetry on-and-off cadence in her first diary. Her song "Show Off" has an excellent & clear, high-quality production that raises the review points to 8.5 /10, the lyrics are well-tuned and expressive, and the artist herself is so confident and has a very lovely good rapping skid with the attitude that fits her unique performance style the album artwork is the kinda direct and artistic same way. Check it out now and enjoy.
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