Shiva in flagrante (Original Album) By Jacques Bailhé

TOP BEST HITS Shiva in flagrante (Original Album) By Jacques Bailhé

Jacques Bailhé lives a life that sounds like a jazz song; complex, improvised, and full of surprises. The musician has toured as a bassist, scored countless films and ads, and now unveils his charming new album, "Shiva in flagrante."

"Shiva in flagrante" weaves a fascinating story of the Hindu god Shiva’s rebellious love affair with the goddess Parvati, told through Jacques’s brilliant jazz compositions and arrangements. We begin the album with "In The Alley," a silky jazz track with a steady beat and woodwind accents. "Smoke" and "Backside" proceed with the jazz sound with bass grooves and percussion. "Gimme That" provides funky energy with beautiful horns. "Shiva Steps Out" and "That Seersucker Suit" return to a spirited jazz style as Shiva’s escapades continue. "The 7th Sense" uses dramatic instrumentation to represent the climactic union of Shiva and Parvati.

The final track, "The Facts of Creation," is a mesmerizing culmination of myth and music. Modern arrangements, clever instrumentation, and a driving rhythm reflect the fervent consummation of Shiva and Parvati’s relationship, culminating in the birth of their child at the song’s end.

"Shiva in flagrante" represents the pinnacle of Jacques Bailhé's artistic vision, technical skill, and proficiency gained through decades of experience crossing genres and fusing musical styles. Each track is a journey of discovery as Jacques reimagines familiar melodies and structures in fresh and compelling arrangements. Whether the listener favors jazz fusion or global grooves, "Shiva in flagrante" offers something captivating. Through this magnum opus, Jacques proves himself to be a fresh-flowing architect, constructing a grand rhythmic narration that spans genres and traditions. With "Shiva in flagrante", Jacques shares his lush symphonic ideas with the world, taking you into his joyful orchestral meditation on the infinite.

"Shiva in flagrante" is a grand spiritual achievement from Jacques Bailhé, offering listeners an eclectic journey that spans multiple genres and cultures. I highly recommend streaming "Shiva in flagrante" on Spotify to experience the brimming charm of Jacques Bailhé's magic firsthand. Those who connect with the album's vibrancy are also encouraged to follow Jacques Bailhé on social media platforms to keep up with his future projects and creative endeavors.


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