Shine (Original Single) By MADAME NEPTUNE

JUST ROCK Shine (Original Single) By MADAME NEPTUNE

This goes far beyond the music; this is a piece of eternal art. An incredible creation by the talented Madame Neptune has successfully made music an engulfing experience that feels like a movie. "Shine" is an interesting take on alternative rock, fused with psychedelic tunes that produce a haunting melody that demands your attention and focus.

Madame Neptune is a conceptual band from Germany formed by the talented duo Liss Eulenherz and Danny Golebiewski. The two decided to join forces after working on different musical projects together. In the real world, Liss and Danny have flawlessly synergized their music and talents to create an interesting genre of music that beautifully mixes alternative rock and modern blues rock with a lot of psychedelic elements. Their music goes beyond and is more of an engulfing experience that will leave you begging for more.

Influenced by modern and old psychedelic blues rock bands and their passion for conceptual cinematic bands, they’ve perfected the art of making music videos that feel like movies. "Shine" is the first song I’ve experienced by this band, and I can tell you they provide music like no one else in the industry. With their music produced on their own, they’ve dedicated their lives to songwriting, photos, video making, marketing, studio recording, and mastering before publishing. Each project they make is a true reflection of their character and vision of Madame Neptune. "Shine" features a stunning and captivating experience that will surely leave you speechless, with eerie tunes that keep you on your toes, captivating lyrics, and impeccable instrumental skills that are stardom material.

The band’s still setting their roots into the musical plain, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re looking at the new Evanescence. They fit the character, the style, and the music, and most definitely have the skills to pull it off. Enjoy their music on Spotify and be sure to check out their website at to keep up to date with their latest releases and music projects

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