Shimmering By GARY DRANOW


When I first heard Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions' single "Shimmering," I was instantly transported back in time. The strumming guitars and deep vocals vividly depict young love - the excitement, heartbreak, and lessons learned from your first romance. Gary Dranow penned the vulnerable, coming-of-age lyrics to "Shimmering," recalling his first romance with Janine. It's Gary sharing this deeply personal story through his words.

However, bringing Gary's meaningful lyrics to life through vocals is Caspar Aesthetic. Caspar lends his raspy, soulful tone to interpret the raw emotions conjured by the song. His heartfelt performance truly shines, embodying the joy, passion, and heartbreak of young love in a way that gives me chills. I have to give props to Caspar Aesthetic for his vocals on this track. His voice has a worn-in, heartfelt quality that brings Gary's lyrics to trembling life. He interprets raw emotions with a raspy beauty and tenderness that gives me chills. It's easy to see how perfectly his voice suits this Americana/ Folk Style song about relationships, memories, and lessons from the past. "Shimmering" has a complex but grounding structure built around acoustic and electric guitars, smooth basslines, and subtly driving drums. But it's the heart-on-sleeve performances and storytelling that make it shine.

At this point, Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions continue to surprise and impress me with each new release. Just when I thought I had a handle on their sound and style, they pulled a song like "Shimmering" out of left field. Gary constantly finds new ways to channel his experiences and emotions through thoughtful lyrics and melodies. They prove once again their versatility by crafting a deep ballad rooted equally in folk, Americana, and classic rock tendencies. It's a standout track from their album Never Give Up that will resonate with anyone who can relate to the profound beauty and pain of young love.
I look forward to following the band and hearing more nuanced storytelling from Gary in the future. If you want to experience this band's range and creativity for yourself, I strongly recommend streaming "Shimmering" now.

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