She Hums Mozart By THE HOUSE FLIES


⁤Envision a sonic installation, created from threads of shoegaze, goth rock, post-punk, and grunge. ⁤⁤Each strand is artfully linked to each other, making for a thrilling somatosensory experience that will leave you spellbound. ⁤⁤This is the universe of The House Flies, a group whose most recent track, "She Hums Mozart," has made an unforgettable impression on me and my playlist. ⁤

⁤You're going to hear a musical masterpiece that will capture your senses. ⁤⁤At the heart of the song stands Alex Riggen, whose voice glides sinuously through the melodies. ⁤⁤His vocals fall and play with magical grace, keeping your ears concentrated on each note being sung. ⁤

⁤Around him, Nick Pompou and Ozzie Woods lay down the base with astounding skill. ⁤⁤Nick's drumming is a maestro in precision and emotion, making the track move faster with a killer groove. ⁤⁤Ozzie's basslines vibrate, adding that sweet throb we all love in a song. ⁤

⁤This hard roll is complemented by an unnervingly cosmopolitan mixture of sounds. ⁤⁤The music knows when to whisper and lounge. ⁤⁤At several moments in "She Hums Mozart," the words stop and the guitar is like another voice, speaking a strange tongue synonymous with the lyrics. ⁤⁤The melodies are as strong as iron, while the production is super elegant. ⁤⁤It's one of the best songs you'll hear. ⁤

With these musicians' skill sets, classification no longer matters; instead, what comes out is an engrossing voyage that will have you singing along. ⁤⁤ Gorgeous textures mingle together in a circulating motion that escapes labeling. Every song the band creates is an adventure to push themselves and surprise the audience in different ways. "She Hums Mozart" only reveals a little portion of The House Flies' grand design. It's a delicious taste of what their upcoming album, "Mannequin Deposit," will sound like when it drops on August 6. ⁦

⁤The music of The House Flies is genuine art deserving of your appreciation. ⁤⁤Give yourself over to the percussion and guitar beats. ⁤⁤Play it now and prepare to get your thoughts captured. ⁤⁤You are drawn further into the different layers of music after just one listen. ⁤⁤Why not make them your companion for the evening with their poetic skills? ⁤⁤To ensure that you're the first to hear about the release of their new album "Mannequin Deposit," be open to the unknown, listen to the single "She Hums Mozart," and follow their social media accounts. ⁤

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