Shattered Original Single By KELSIE KIMBERLIN


Superstar singer Kelsie Kimberlin continues to impress fans with each new release. Known for constantly pushing creative boundaries and sharing deeply personal stories through her music, Kelsie's latest single "Shattered" may be her most vulnerable yet.

Through "Shattered," Kelsie tells an all-too-relatable tale of giving your everything to someone who didn't value you the same way. The lyrics describe how she let herself go for this person, losing her sense of self in the process. But ultimately, their treatment of her led to her breaking down completely - she was left "shattered."

Kelsie has proven time and time again that she is not afraid to sing about difficult topics through her music. While many artists stick to surface-level subjects or love songs, Kelsie aspires to create art that breaks conventions and sparks deeper conversations. She wants to use her gift to provide solace to others who have endured similar hardships.

Few artists possess Kelsie's exceptional vocal skill and ability to convey feeling through subtle inflections in her delivery. On "Shattered," she breathes life into each word with such tenderness that listeners can't help but feel every emotion alongside her. You could feel that she has experienced what she sings about firsthand. By vulnerably sharing this personal story through song, Kelsie gives comfort to those who can relate in their own lives.

The stripped-back, piano-led production allows Kelsie's stunning vocal performance to shine through unhindered. Though more layers are carefully woven in as the track builds, the minimalist approach keeps all focus on the intimacy of the songwriting. The spare yet lush soundscape sweeps listeners up in an almost cinematic journey of heartbreak and healing through Kelsie's voice alone.

To accompany the single, Kelsie filmed a beautiful music video featuring her performance of "Shattered" with only a live pianist and string quartet for instrumentation. She explains that this intimate setting was chosen "to portray the intimacy, realism, and importance of the music and lyrics." Free from visual distractions, the video magnifies the raw emotional storytelling through Kelsie and her live musicians. Watching her pour her heart into each vulnerable lyric is magnetic.

Once again, Kelsie Kimberlin has blessed her dedicated fans with a gift through "Shattered." In sharing another deeply personal story through her gorgeous vocals and artistic vision, she continues to break conventions and forge her own path. Stream "Shattered" on all major platforms today to experience Kelsie Kimberlin's breathtaking vulnerability and musical talent for yourself. You can also find Kelsie on any social media platform of your choice.

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