Setting Standards By STOOPID SWAGG OG


Stoopid Swagg Og puts Memphis bounce back on the map with his infectious new single "Setting Standards". Produced by music wizard Trenchbaby Slim, "Setting Standards" is the ideal soundtrack for any trip club.

With its hard-hitting beats and hypnotic vocals, the beat instantly sucks you into its swirling vortex of bumping bass. Slim layers of crisp hi-hats and percussion over the foundational low-end rumble, keeping the rhythm hypnotic yet allowing plenty of space for Stoopid Swagg Og's rhymes.

The production shares DNA with vintage Three 6 Mafia and early Gucci Mane without sounding dated or derivative. Stoopid Swagg Og's vocals glide over the beat with a signature rasp. His flow is extremely masterful, packing multiple rhymes and wordplay into each bar. But Stoopid Swagg doesn't neglect content, using his skills to spin very groovy narratives about the song. Stoopid Swagg establishes himself simultaneously as a patron of playful rap songs. He sets "standards" for this genre. Stoopid rides the beat's transfixing cadences with the smooth dexterity of a seasoned professional. His flow is slippery yet punchy, squeezing multi-syllabic schemes into tight pockets. This is an incredibly fun and ridiculously engaging song that manages to bring some nuance to the theme.

With its Memphis bounce sound design and Stoopid Swagg Og's dexterous flow, "Setting Standards" hits all the right marks. The beat snakes and slides with mesmerizing energy, perfect for catching vibes, too. Stoopid does ample justice to its intricacies, spinning graphic yet artful stories of exotic dancing. Stoopid Swagg Og and Trenchbaby Slim deliver nonstop momentum packed into a sticky three minutes that will have you hitting repeat for weeks, setting the standard for 2023 bumping trap anthems.

Expect to hear this track blasting at full volume in every club for weeks to come. Stoopid Swagg Og and Trenchbaby Slim deliver ceaseless motion packed into a ruthlessly addictive three minutes that will captivate any person.

If you haven't already, be sure to stream "Setting Standards" across all major platforms to support emerging artist Stoopid Swagg Og. Follow him on social media to stay up to date on all new releases and appearances.

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