Sentiments By DELTAWELLE


DELTAWELLE is a four-piece synthpop band based in the German cities of Leipzig and Berlin. Consisting of vocals, guitar, drums, bass, and synthesizers, the group has developed a distinctive electronic sound style that seamlessly combines synth textures with driving rhythmic elements. Their latest EP "Sentiments" is a glistening voyager into new-wave territory that will have you dancing one moment and drifting the next.

The EP wastes no time seducing the hearer, kicking off with the title track, "Sentiments". A cascading melody teases the ears before an infectious beat locks them into place. The velvet vocals glide effortlessly over swirling pads and a funk-laden bassline. The drums take the audience to a club as percussion emerges from all angles. Together, they conjure a vibrant dancing fever that's hard not to get swept up in.

Next up is "Retroviseur", a shimmering synthpop gem perfect for cruising down the highway with the windows down. Glittering melodies skip playfully alongside a hypnotic pulse as the vocalist takes us on an escapade through city streets under moonlit skies. Echoing textures and mood-like hooks conjure a dreamlike 80s vision that's impossible to resist. Like peering into a rearview mirror and glimpsing nostalgia, "Retroviseur" satisfies an itch for feel-good retro futurity.

"Oublié" invites the listener deeper into DELTAWELLE's world with a magnetizing melodic motif. Washed in reverb yet piercingly clear, the riff transforms and mutates like gears constantly in motion. The drummer locks in tight to underpin the shifting textures, assisted expertly by the bass. Together they sculpt a cinematic journey that feels utterly transporting.

The EP draws to a close with the chilling ambiance of "Jusq'a ce que le soleil se couch". Sparse arrangements allow empty spaces to resonate as the lead singer paints vivid scenes with hypnotic wordplay. Sparse beat work and a looming synth line hold the atmosphere aloft as faded stars emerge one by one in the night sky. It's a minimal yet profoundly affecting ending that leaves a lasting impression long after the final note fades.

Across its four shimmering cuts, "Sentiments" offers a glimpse into DELTAWELLE's enchanting sonic world. Blending visceral beats with mesmerizing melodies, they craft a uniquely cinematic brand of synthpop that sweeps the listener away on fanciful journeys. To fully immerse yourself in DELTAWELLE's transportative soundscapes, be sure to stream "Sentiments" on Spotify now. You can also keep up with DELTAWELLE's latest releases and updates by following them on social media. Press play on "Sentiments" and experience DELTAWELLE's cinematic brand of synthpop for yourself.

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