See You When I Can By GHXSTAR


Although just starting out in the music world, GHXSTAR is making his influence known through his creative blending of different styles. Based in the lively city of New York, this versatile entertainer demonstrates skill as a vocalist, composer, and instrumentalist. GHXSTAR has invested considerable time into refining his singular approach to pop that effortlessly combines the facets of pop punk, emo, electronic dance music, hip hop, indie pop, and alternative rock.

His most recent EP, titled "See You When I Can," showcases a diverse range of tracks. On one hand, GHXSTAR delivers energetic and anthemic pop-punk tunes that leave a lasting impression. On the other hand, he delves into introspective and soul-searching melodies that captivate listeners on a deeper level. This EP is a testament to GHXSTAR's versatility and his ability to create a compelling musical experience. The EP opens with "See You When I Can," an electronic pop song loaded with warm synth melodies. GHXSTAR's vocals float effortlessly over the contemplative beat, pulling the listener into a dreamlike state. It sets the stage perfectly for what's to come – a collection of pop songs that blend multiple genres seamlessly.

Track two, "H3ADSICK," has a higher gear with chunky guitar riffs and a punchy backbeat. The production simultaneously amplifies and softens the instrumentation for a polished modern rock sound. It shows off GHXSTAR's penchant for fusing genres most artists keep separate.

The high-octane "ANYTHING" takes things up a notch further, with its frenzied tempo and energetic percussion. GHXSTAR pushes his vocals to the limit with crashing power chords and a pure punk flow. It's an adrenaline-fueled showcase of his skills as both a vocalist and lyricist.

In contrast, the closing title track "SMILE" brings the energy level back down with its soulful atmosphere. GHXSTAR bares his soul over minimalist instrumentation, letting his breathtaking vocals carry the emotional weight. Lush effects wrap around his words as he pours his heart out. It's a testament to his artistry that he can transition so fluidly between styles.

Across just four songs, "See You When I Can" establishes GHXSTAR as a truly unique talent, one not content to be confined to any single genre. Though just starting his journey, GHXSTAR has already proven he has the creativity and musical dexterity to make his mark. Keep an eye on this rising star – with his genre-bending approach and undeniable talent, big things are sure to come. His future material is sure to amplify his infectious energy and distinct vision. GHXSTAR is an artist to watch in 2023 and beyond. Be sure to also stream the full "See You When I Can" EP on Spotify.

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