Season V: Maybe forgotten. Maybe glorious. By DIE KAMMER

TOP BEST HITS Season V: Maybe forgotten. Maybe glorious. By DIE KAMMER

Die Kammer has established itself as a leading force in Europe's darkwave scene over the past decade. Founded in 2011 by veterans Matthias Ambré and Marcus Testory, the duo has steadily evolved their sound across multiple "seasons" of releases. Their latest offering, Season V: Maybe forgotten. Maybe glorious, sees Die Kammer take their soundtrack of ethereal vocals and haunting strings into a new passage.

Ambré and Testory's pedigree in influential post-punk acts like ASP and A Wedding Anniversary is evident in Die Kammer's moody style. However, Season V represents the most experimental direction the project has taken to date. Retaining Testory's soaring vocals and Ambré's evocative string lines as anchors, layers of beats, loops, and electronics now fill out their compositions. The effect is a richly textured soundscape that enhances Die Kammer's atmosphere.

Season V has 11 songs that together last almost an hour. That's a good amount of time to dive into the moods Die Kammer creates. Opening track "My Dearie Don't Worry" sets the tone, Testory's vocals floating ethereally amid the guitars. The song builds to an explosive climax before slipping back into the shadows. In "I've Given Up To Cry" see Testory baring his soul over sorrowful strings, while "Ignoring My Safeword" unleashes a torrent of guitars that showcase Ambré and company's formidable chops.

Standouts like "The Black Veil Of Eternity" and "The Void" are prime examples of Die Kammer's new sonic approach. Driving beats and looping keyboards pull the listener deep into the songs' dark trances. Yet Testory's inimitable vocals and the duo's signature string arrangements remain at the heart of these tracks. Elsewhere, "Ago" is an instantly memorable anthem, and "I Am Leaving Now" strips things back to deliver one of Season V's most raw and impactful moments.

Die Kammer added some new electronic bits and pieces this time. Their music has a new spark and depth because of it. But you can still hear all their years making darkwave songs too.
"Season V" is kind of like starting over while also perfecting what they already do best. All that time exploring post-punk shows. Now they're taking their darkwave formula to an even higher level after tweaking it some more.

Live, Die Kammer transport their studio craft to clubs and festivals with passion and precision. Ambré and Testory have long proven themselves capable performers, and their expanded lineup brings new heft to recreations of "Season V: Maybe forgotten. Maybe glorious"s densely layered productions. Fans of ASP, A Wedding Anniversary or the current European darkwave scene would be remiss to miss out on Die Kammer's enthralling live shows.

This new album shows they're still exploring new sounds and ideas. Die Kammer stripped things down this time but kept the feelings their music gives you. "Season V: Maybe forgotten. Maybe glorious" takes their career to another level. They're good at mixing it up while keeping their songs moving and meaningful. That's what makes Die Kammer the best at what they do. Even when they change things up, their music still finds that place inside you. Fans just can't stop coming back for more! You can listen to"Season V: Maybe forgotten. Maybe glorious" on lots of streaming apps like Spotify. Give it a try, I think you'll like what you hear.

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