Top chill VibesSeagulls EP (Original EP) by Art Block

July 16, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Seagulls EP (Original EP) by Art Block Seagulls EP (Original EP) by Art Block

Seagulls EP (Original EP) by Art Block If you are in love or about to fall in love with someone who deserves your efforts, time, and passion, this is the best EP you can send or even listen to.

Each song has a different theme and story. Seagulls EP (Original EP) by Art Block is a great romantic story combined with melodic,  solid tunes and rhythmic with a very competent instrumental accompaniment that will flip your mood upside down and take you to the dream side of a different reality. it is the latest EP produced by modern classical composer and session musician for Bryde, Jay Chakravorty. It is also mixed by an award-winning mixing engineer Shuta Shinoda who has worked with artists nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. The musicians also involve acclaimed internationally acclaimed virtuoso cellist Jo Quail. The EP features four original full-length tracks, and the album art is well-created. Check it out now...

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