Seagulls By Viscula

JUST ROCK Seagulls By Viscula
Viscula By Seagulls A journey into the world of soulful instrumental music is offered by Seagulls by Viscula. It is an original and lively piece that induces the feeling of a beautiful, sunny day. With its easy rhythmic sway, it is sure to capture the attention of listeners. This track would be great for ad campaigns, travel videos, festival films, documentaries, and more. the gift of relaxation and tranquility, with this joyful and happy world music track. “Seagulls by Viscula” is an original composition that evokes a sense of freedom and peace.                    
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  • Last November in London, Viscula shot a music video for our single 'Seagulls'. The shooting took place in the atmospheric antique shop 'LOT ONE TEN' located in Walthamstow. Owners Frank and Kirsten kindly provided their store filled with the most amazing things from the past for the talented photographer and cameraman Paul Miller. The director of this video was the known Brighton musician Alex White (The Electric Soft Parade) who created a striking montage filled with psychedelic effects. Now that the whole world is looking at Ukraine and the horror that is going on there, band Viscula and their friends support Ukraine and its people in the fight for their freedom. Seagulls are free birds. The premiere of the music video 'Seagulls' will take place on May 5 (12:00 PM EST) on the Viscula's YouTube channel.

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