SCUM: Self-Centred Urban Male By LAW ABIDIN CITIZ3N


London artist LAW ABIDIN CITIZ3N, the electronic project of Levi Oak-Reid, makes a bold statement with his debut album 'SCUM: Self-Centred Urban Male'. Released late last year via Reid & Write Publishing, 'SCUM' fearlessly pushes boundaries with its genre-bending sound while maintaining an infectious energy that keeps listeners dancing from start to finish.

The album kicks off with "Mother Mary," a track that immediately gets the body moving. Thumping percussion and gorgeous vocals create an enticing rhythmic foundation over which pads and atmospheric textures float. It's the perfect opener to draw listeners in and set the dancefloor-ready tone for what's to come.

"Breathe" maintains the energy with driving beats and a melodic synth line that soars. Complex drums keep things propulsive, while lush pads create space for the mind to wander. Oak-Reid excels at crafting beats that compel physical movement, leaving room for the music to breathe and explore different moods.

This balance of danceable grooves and textural richness continues on tracks like "Work" and "Chasing Rabbits." The former utilizes skipping percussion and a looping vocal to get feet and bodies working. Meanwhile, the latter achieves an almost euphoric rave-like quality through layered pads, swirling textures, and a driving kick drum. Both showcase Oak-Reid's flair for infectious rhythms and mood-lifting melodies.

Things get more innovative on "Blue Bloods" as chopped vocal samples are manipulated into percussive patterns over a pulsing synth line. Creative sampling is a hallmark of Oak-Reid's productions and helps imbue the music with its distinct flair. This approach reaches new heights on "Levitation" where a liquid synth riff is transformed into a hypnotizing, trance-inducing groove.

The album isn't all high-energy dancefloors though. "Giving Is Good" brings things down with a brooding, cinematic quality through atmospheric pads, distant vocals, and a looming bassline. Hazy and haunting, it shows Oak-Reid's ability to craft varied moods. In a similar vein, "On Top of the World" utilizes delicate piano, sparse beats and wispy textures to achieve an ethereal quality. SCUM comes to a close with "Norman Needs Help," tying the album's many threads together into a fitting conclusion.

From start to finish, SCUM keeps you engaged with its non-stop creativity and genre-blending spirit. Law Abidin Citiz3n is elevating the electronic scene with his one-of-a-kind brand of thought-provoking dance music. This is one of the most exciting debuts I've heard in some time, don't sleep on Levi Oak-Reid, and be sure to catch more of him here:

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