Love Ghost has rapidly ascended to the upper echelons of rock/emo music stardom. They now have over 118k monthly listeners on Spotify and a zealous fanbase of millions. With their flawless synthesis of disparate genres and a bold, uncompromising artistic vision, Love Ghost is well on their way to cementing the legacy as one of the most vital voices in present-day rock.

Love Ghost's incendiary new EP "Scream" is a chaotic, genre-blurring masterpiece that expertly synthesizes disparate musical elements into a cohesive, confrontational conceptual multifaceted work of art. The project's polyglot has a wide spectrum of influences: rock, grunge, metal, emo, and more.

The EP opens with the snarling title track "Scream" featuring hard rock luminary Monde on production duties. A bombastic punk-inflected intro powered by aggressive power chords rapidly pivots into a dark, trap-inspired beat reinforced by punchy kick drums. The intro song is intriguing and gives you a very good taste of what the full work sounds like.

On "Throw Down", Love Ghost goes with the melodic pop-rock style elevated by the guest vocals of Adhara and Helian Evans. Tight guitar riffs interlock with a thumping kick pattern as the vocalists harmonize with sweet, pitch-perfect melodies. This track is less emo than the EP's other cuts, but "Throw Down" still maintains an undercurrent of angsty aggression buried beneath its sugary pop veneer. Love Ghost keeps it lowkey on "Daydream" featuring La Sinclair. It’s still hard hitting but has a wispy flow, with a dreamy emo thread.

The EP's fourth track "RAGE" featuring 3Angel launches a full-scale hit on your senses with its pummeling electronic metal-influenced sonics. A mixture of gut-wrenching growls and hyperkinetic double-kick blast beats batter the listener, while an insidious lead guitar line slices through the cacophony like a hot knife.

The EP concludes with the extremely upbeat "Rockstar Lifestyle" featuring El Verumcito. The song has energetic rhythms, jangly guitars, and playful lyrics. It’s a charming and fun way to finish the album. In this song, you'll hear some of the band's most powerful vocals. With the emo scream that carries the whole song, it has the emo-rock flair, but it doesn't hide its quirkiness thanks to El Verumcito's verse.

Each of these tracks blew me away in distinctly different ways. Love Ghost to me is a band that should never stop creating and trying new things. The main thing I would say to other bands is to stick with one sound, or at most two genres, but Love Ghost is different. There is a lot of hype behind them, they are young, and they know what they're doing.

Despite some minor mixing and arrangement quibbles, "SCREAM" is an immensely compelling artistic statement from Love Ghost. For artists with such a voraciously eclectic palette, the future seems to hold limitless possibilities. You can find the EP in full today on your favorite streaming website. Go ahead and check it out now.

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