Scene (Original Single) by LW6

TOP BEST HITS Scene (Original Single) by LW6
Scene (Original Single) by LW6 Scene (Original Single) by LW6

Scene (Original Single) by LW6 is a a drill song about the current hip hop and rap scene, the energy of this single is definitely addicting. "Scene" is a collaboration between the 2 artists LW6 and CP6 both extremely talented rappers with a great vibe. Their single talks about their emotions toward the current state of the music and more specifically rap scene. In which they describe as harsh and hard to guide through, although they benefit and make an income off the scene, it still does not negate the fact that the rap scene and industry is bitter and a hard place to find success in. This is found in many lyrics throughout the verses and the chorus.

I personally am enamored with the fast paced beat of this track and how the lyrics fit in perfectly and give meaning to the song, a magnificent move by LW6 and CP6. A Unique single that you must give a listen to or you will be missing out on the extremely catchy enjoyable track by LW6 and CP6.

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