Same (Original Single) By Said Sara

HYPE Same (Original Single) By Said Sara

"Same," Said Sara's latest release, takes the listener on an effusive tour through broad meadows and gloomy caverns. The song is a dark pop, alt-folk anthem that is meant to transform hearts and is bound to become an instant classic thanks to its somber, contemplative lyrics and prominent, soulful vocals.

The song starts with a sensational verse that sets the tone for what's to come: "To crush the thrill / I gut, disembowel / I cut / Or close down / Or count love / Drown / Consider yourself at home." The lyrics are poetic and emotive, with vivid imagery and metaphorical language that speaks to the singer's intense feelings of despair. The singer's voice is loud and clear, with a warm, rich tone that captures the intensity of the lyrics.


As the song progresses, the singer's vocals become more and more expressive, adding new layers of emotion and depth to the track. At times, the vocals take on a raspy quality, imbuing the performance with a sense of authenticity and rawness. Each verse sees the singer using a distinct vocal style, evoking a range of emotions and moods.

One of the most eloquent lyrics in the song is a verse that speaks to the agony of heartbreak and the struggle to move on. Despite the pain, the singer can't help but acknowledge the attractiveness of his former lover, "Your rapier lips belie / You're sweeter than shaved ice." The singer reminisces on the delight he once shared with his lover, "The one breath of life / Was holding hands with you." But now, every moment is spent trying to recapture that feeling of joy and contentment. The repetition of "Le meme / Suspended - same / Le meme / Sustained, the same" reflects the singer's desperate attempt to hold onto the past, to relive those moments of happiness and love.

The lyrics show us how brilliant Said Sara is, making influential music that a lot of people can relate to and feel a connection with, Said Sara deserves a round of applause on this impeccable and powerful release.

"Same" is a beautiful melodic track that elevates the listening experience to new heights. The harmonies and notes in each passing second are carefully crafted to create a specific atmosphere and mood, drawing the listener in and immersing them in the track.

"Same" is a truly magnificent listening experience that you shouldn't miss out on !! So for those looking to experience the magic of "Same," the track is available on Spotify, where you can also follow Said Sara for more of his music.


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