Sad Times By GRACE & MOJI


When I first heard "Sad Times" by Grace & Moji, I was immediately struck by the track's irresistibly funky vibes. With its punchy bassline, shimmering synth melodies, and crisp percussion, the song just oozes feel-good energy from start to finish. Grace and Moji's effortless vocal harmonies float atop the upbeat instrumental, transporting the listener to a happier place.

After enjoying the song on its own merits, I was excited to check out the music video directed by John Frost. I had high expectations that the visuals would take the listener on an equally funky psychedelic journey.

The video kicks off by introducing us to Moji in a field on a sunny day. Everything seems as chill as it can be until he opens a mailbox to find a tiny pink convertible waiting inside. The absurdity of this image had me grinning already. From there, we're transported into the convertible itself as a masked driver takes the wheel.

This is where things start to get wonderful. As the car cruises around colorful LA backdrops, Grace and Moji are living their best lives in the car. Grace looks stunning as she delivers her infectious vocals, clearly having the time of her life on this surreal joyride.

John Frost's playful camerawork captures all the vivacious sights and sounds on this psychedelic trip. Neon lights, palm trees, and eclectic neighborhoods whip by in a blur of pops of color. You can feel the summer breezes and freedom of the open road without ever leaving your couch.

The music perfectly enhances every scene. When Moji breathes in the miniature convertible at the start, it's easy to relate to the simple pleasures of just soaking up good vibes. As they cruise through LA, it's impossible not to feel gleeful and grateful alongside these talented artists. Grace and Moji's buoyant performances shine through with charisma and charm.

All good things must come to an end, but thankfully this video saves the best visuals for last. In a field mirroring the beginning, Moji returns the tiny pink car to its rightful mailbox home. It's hard not to feel sad to leave these vibrant characters and their magic behind.

Whether taken as a single listening experience or an integrated audiovisual package, "Sad Times" packs a mega dose of feel-good spirits from start to finish. Grace & Moji's boundless talents and Frost's colorful directorial touch come together to spread nothing but sunshine. Press play and let the good vibes carry you away on a technicolor trip to remember. This is hands-down one of my favorite releases of the year - don't miss it!

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